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Book Review: Yellow Crocus: A Novel by Laila Ibrahim

Yellow Crocus: A Novel (Downloaded free on 7/6/13)
By Laila Ibrahim

Finish Time: 3 nights.  Maybe I’m making up for lost time, or maybe this book was just that good that I couldn’t put it down 3 nights in a row.  Both are probably true, but I’m happy to report I really liked this book.

It falls into the historical fiction category taking place on a plantation in Virginia in the mid-1800’s.  The story follows Lisbeth Wainwright and her nurse Mattie, a slave pulled away from her family into the “big house” to care for Lisbeth at the moment of her birth.

The story follows Lisbeth from her birth into adulthood.  You feel as if you are there with her as she deals with family, friends, the help, social standing, her personal conflicts, and ultimately a very difficult decision.  It is during a time where slavery is part of life but some are beginning to question it as the North changes their views and slaves are freed.  I felt transported back to a time that I can’t even imagine, but was painted a very vivid picture of.  I like to think I would be like Lisbeth, as my heart just hurts for Mattie and her family and fellow slaves, and realize what was going on what not right.  But what if it was all you knew and an accepted part of life?  I am glad for those who stood up for others who could not and thankful to live in a FREE country where all men are truly created equal (didn’t we have the same Declaration of Independence even then?)

The story will bring you to tears and melt your heart at the same time.  The ending was perfect and I just felt very satisfied.  Lisbeth and Mattie are both amazing characters, and I was very impressed to read that this book is this author’s first book.  I will keep an eye out for her in the future, but in the meantime – read this book – you won’t be disappointed!

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