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A Thankful Heart (and a fun morning!)


Happy October!  Fall is my favorite time of year.  And although I am still wearing shorts, tanks, and flip-flops, for that brief period in the AM where it may not have hit 70 yet, I love nestling in my pants and maybe even a sweatshirt!  And I have to get outside.  With lots of commitments throughout the week, I have intentionally left Thursdays open to spend time with with both kids, and today my heart was extra full, that I was inspired to share.

In the mom-to-mom bible study I have been doing on Wednesdays, yesterday’s topic was 3 gifts for every mom.  It came from Linda Anderson, an experienced mom and founder of Mom-to-Mom Ministries.  They are 3 gifts/things that she claims “have made all the difference in helping me become a healthy – and joyful – mother.”

A Teachable Spirit
A Thankful Heart
An Eternal Perspective

All good things to keep in mind each and every day, hour, even minute, while parenting.  We all have our good days and bad days, but these are good things to always keep in mind.  We closed yesterday with mentioning which one we wanted to work on.  And it was unanimous, we all want a more thankful heart.  Don’t get me wrong, I am always thankful for the (abundant) blessings I have been given by God, but some days more than others.  So this week (and forever!) I am trying to make a more conscious effort to reflect on my many blessings and be thankful for them.  Not saying I still won’t have bad days, but maybe with a better spirit and attitude I can learn to work through them better.

This morning, with nothing I was committed to, the kids and I packed a picnic and headed over to Newnan to the Carl Miller Park owned and maintained by Newnan Utilities.  We have been there a few times before (check out our Summer post here to see more on the splash pad!)  But it’s really a hidden gem.  Never too busy.  Wooded walking trails, lots of swings, shade, and best part for kids – 2 playgrounds!

First stop the Kids’ Castle Playground:


A “32,000 square foot playground features wooden climbing areas, swings, assorted bridges, tunnels, forts, playhouses, cars, boats, trucks and airplanes for kids to play in, on and around”  A little aged, but only parents would notice that.  The kids had a blast!

And if that is not enough – they have a newer playground with both a preschool and elementary section:

So we played, swung:


Made shadow creatures – here is LL as a moose and Princess Leia (just for Daddy):

14-IMG_0112 15-IMG_0113

Took a little stroll:


Then settled in for a picnic:


Overall a beautiful, great, fall morning.  Spent with my two favorite little people.  My heart is truly thankful and so full!

May you find moments to fill your heart and be thankful each and every day too!


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