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1st week in the Midwest!

Hello again from Ohio!  We could not have asked for a prettier week here to get acclimated.  It’s been busy, some fun stuff – some not so fun, but enough to warrant a new blog post for those of you wanting an update!  And I have been reading, actually have finished 3 books since my last review, so hopefully next week I can get some reviews up and get back into Teaser Tuesdays.

From where I left off (see our drive from a week ago here), our first stop, even before unpacking, car dealerships.  With 2 little ones, and not a lot of patience for car salesman, we made one stop to check out the Pathfinder at a local Nissan dealership.  We went in wanting the captain’s chair 2nd row (LIKE a minivan), and although I had read online that this was an optional feature, that was sadly the one feature we did not end up with.  That is okay though, only having 2 kids, we will only need it on special occasions, and this came fully loaded with everything else (including 4×4 which I’ve heard may come in handy during the winter months!) and so much more.  So we can check that box off!


Next stop – Ohio BMV.  Yes I said B not D (GA friends) – Bureau of Motor Vehicles.  I’m now licensed to drive in Ohio.  Check that off!


Next stop – find local Chick-fil-A.  Here we are at Westgate Chick-fil-A in Rocky River.  “Taste of Home” as I proclaimed on Facebook!


Also while in Rocky River, we stopped by Rocky River Park.  Beautiful spot along Lake Erie, complete with a playground!

And another fun playground later in the week, this one complete with a Fire Boat for our LM!

Even checked off a few places on my “Why they say Cleveland Rocks” post from a few months ago.

We joined the Lake Erie Science and Nature Center.  All their camps for the summer are full – but hoping maybe some spots open up for LL.  (And I love that lizard with his tongue out – keeping that around for when I need a quick smile!!)

The Westside Market.  Picked up some local produce and scoped it out for many future trips!

Some fun around our rental.  Rope swing in front yard, watching a bunny & chipmunks in the backyard, and pulling out some good old college dorm room decorating with posters!

And Crocker Park is a really neat area.  Great restaurants, great shopping, live music and other events, chess sets (regular and giant size), a splash pad, and a train ride!  We checked out the B Spot (by Michael Symon).  Good stuff.  Will be back to this fun area!

18-IMG_2335 17-IMG_2330

I’ll say it again – great week to be up here, and more to come as it’s only a half-day into our 3-day weekend!  Daddy made it home from work each day for dinner (yay!), so settling into the new normal.  We purchased a new jogging stroller/bike trailer too, which has and will accompany us on many more adventures.  So stay tuned!  (And come visit – we miss family and friends to do all of this with!)


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Kid’s Book Review: Hocus Pocus Takes the Train

Hocus Pocus Takes the Train
by Sylvie Desrosiers (Author) , Remy Simard (Illustrator)
Book provided to me free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Second installment of Book Reviews with LL (Little Lady).  (First Installment Here!)  This book presented a little bit of a challenge because it has no words!  But actually that ended up being a good thing to spur the imagination.  Which by this picture below you can see is a big one already (my little princess!)


I asked LL if she liked the cover: Yes.  What do you think this book will be about?  Hocus Pocus the bunny, or is it two bunnies?  Hocus and Pocus – there are two bunnies on the cover.  But I guess they will take a train.  But there will be a mean lion on the train (which I believe is actually a dog!)

The book is 36 pages, all pictures, a few sound words.  Rather than the story being laid out for you, each page provides guidance and a general story-line, but allows the readers to make up additional details and story-lines that may or may not have been intended.  For instance – do you think the magician wanted coffee or tea or hot cocoa?  And what kind of bone was the dog going to get?  What do you think the purple bunny’s name is?  What about the baby?  Then sometimes I don’t prompt a question and see what details she came up with.

More questions to ask are; What do you think they are thinking/saying/going to do?  How do you think they are feeling?  Why?  It allows the children to make predictions and then see if what they predicted happens on the next page.  Then the end brings the story-line back the beginning and allows the children to recall what happened at the beginning that was then being resolved.  Lots of cause and effect.

Great pictures and a fun type of book to really engage with your children.  Definitely will check out others in the Hocus Pocus series and in this genre and you should too!

(And side note – happy 100th post to me!!)  More kids books to come!

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