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Book Review: Ruthless by John Rector

Ruthless (Click book or see description below)
By John Rector
Released 6/1/15
Provided free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4 bones

Bonus Teaser (missed my usual Tuesday post the last few weeks – so here is one for you!):

“No, not the kind of doctors you’re thinking of,” she said.  “These doctors were different.  They were terrifying, and they were ruthless.”
(88% into book)

Talk about fast paced – this book started off strong, ended strong, and didn’t have any downtime in between.  It’s been awhile that I read a book in just a few sittings, but this one had me hooked, and had I not needed sleep, I could have easily finished in just one.

I like how Nick White, trying to be witty and funny, as I’m sure we all do sometimes, found that he did that at the exact wrong time, with the wrong person.  A man used to trusting his gut, soon knew this was not just witty banter with Patricia Holloway but was too far in to get out.

Nick White seemed to be your typical guy.  Separated from his wife, just trying to get by, he found himself mistaken for a hitman while drowning his sorrows over a drink one night in Mickey’s, his usual watering hole.  His emotions getting the better of him when he sees a beautiful young woman’s life at risk, he soon is on the run doing things he never dreamed of.  I love it when a book can put the reader in a position to think what they would do if that happened to them.

Quick read, on the edge of my seat (well bed where I usually read!)  Only complaint is that when we get into the “why” part of the book – I felt it got a little too high level for the book.  Definitely unexpected and not unwelcome – just a bit more than I think the book needed to go.  But overall fun read, great characters, don’t miss this summer read!

Thanks to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing for allowing me to preview!

Book Description:

Nick White is the only person who can save Abigail Pierce. After uncovering a plot to have her killed, he attempts to warn her but instead puts himself squarely in the crosshairs. They know who he is, they know where he lives, they know how to get at his family.

Drawn into the conspiracy surrounding Abigail, Nick soon discovers the danger is bigger than he ever believed. Now he must uncover the truth to save her and himself. Gripping and intense, this novel is a twisted thrill ride from bestselling author John Rector (The Grove, Lost Things, Already Gone, Out of the Black, etc.)

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