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Book Review: Stretch Marks: A Novel (by Kimberly Stuart)

By Kimberly Stuart

Downloaded FREE on 5/14/13

Finish Time: 4 nights. Yep – I took a mental break from my historical fiction run. A big one. This is one of those books that I’ve become a bit more self-conscience about reading as I am now publicizing ALL my reads – good, bad, and ugly. But I will justify it by the last few “harder” books I read. AND I was preparing for vacation (which I am now on) – so cut me some slack!

It was an easy read with no real depth. I was hoping by the subtle mentions of God through various characters that it was going there. It didn’t. I wasn’t a big fan of the main character, Mia, although I did enjoy her interaction with her mother – Babs. Now that I could relate to (don’t worry Mom – not in a bad way!) She was just a quirky character that sometimes said inappropriate things, but added humor to the scenes she was in and wanted the best for her daughter.

The writing was fine and it was a cute story, with decent characters that I could picture in my head throughout the story. Basically Mia, the non-marriage believing, all natural, vegetarian, social worker, ends up pregnant. The father fleas, leaving her with a cast of friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, and some strangers as her support system. She seemed annoyed most of the time and not appreciative for the things/people she did have. Who knows – her situation wasn’t a good one – but she doesn’t make for a good main character. Maybe that is what the author was going for – I just didn’t care for it.

But for a free, easy, quick, read, go for it, but I think I’m moving on to something with a little more depth! (We’ll see – I am still at the beach!)

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