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TRUST by Jay and Abby Akins

(Click on Album to be directed to Amazon to hear samples and BUY!)
Jay & Abby Akins
Release Date: October 1st 2013

I am SO excited to be finally sharing this with you all.  This is Jay & Abby’s 1st album, it came out today on Amazon and iTunes, and it is AMAZING!  Filled with 8 catchy songs that will move you to dance, sing along, and praise GOD above all.  Call me a groupie or just a dedicated friend and fan, but Jay & Abby inspired this post HERE. They are some of my inspiration as I search to find what I am called to do, as they clearly have found and are living out their calling.  And this one here where we hosted them in our backyard to introduce some of these very songs!

IMG_0029  IMG_0025

Their passion for music and Jesus come through in each and every song.   I’m so happy for them and am proclaiming my bragging rights here and now that we knew them BEFORE they were big time!!  But check it out – share it – tell friends, you won’t be disappointed!  My favorites are #2 – I Stand in Awe and #4 – Trust (but they all are really great!)

Congrats Jay & Abby!  You guys are amazing, encouraging, and 2 of the best people I am blessed to know and call friends!

Read more about Jay & Abby, stories behind the songs, and much more on their website:


Aren’t they stinkin’ adorable (borrowed this from their website too!)


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