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Sing it out, Dance it out, Scream it out!


Hope everyone is having a fabulous week.  I’ve been a bit dragging this week.  Haven’t gotten into a new book (so no book reviews), and really just been scrambling to make lists and prepare for the “most wonderful time of the year!”  I don’t mean to say that sarcastically but I really like to plan (and do!) so I can truly enjoy the time of advent.  It’s a time to prepare for the arrival of our Savior, a time of great teaching moments for the kids (and myself), and a time of parties, friends & family to catch up with, gifts to share, and fellowship & fun to be had!  Oh and we have a birthday thrown in the middle and one right after!  Thus blogging has taken a backseat, but I’ll be out of it soon – promise – too much to celebrate and share!

We’re also planning a trip up to the mountains to try to “unplug” and get away from it all in the next few weeks, so I was trying to think of a song about nature and God’s beauty.  With the changing of the trees and the changing of storefronts, houses, and just about everything this time of year, I needed a song to just bask in the glory and wonder of it all.  The first line of the song “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” popped into my head.  “Over the mountains and the sea, Your river runs with love for me.”  And then goes on to sing about God’s love.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?

My verse for the week (as shown above over a beautiful Fall picture of Lake Peachtree):

For behold, he who forms the mountains and creates the wind,
    and declares to man what is his thought,
who makes the morning darkness,
    and treads on the heights of the earth—
    the Lord, the God of hosts, is his name!
Amos 4:13

So this week I pray that you can step back from the craziness, observe the wonders around you.  Whether in the mountains, your backyard, or even your kitchen.  God is amazing – so let’s all sing it out, dance it out, and scream it out FOREVER!  AMEN!

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever

Over the mountains and the sea
Your river runs with love for me
And I will open up my heart
And let the Healer set me free
I’m happy to be in the truth
And I will daily lift my hands
For I will always sing of
Of when Your love came down

I could sing of Your love forever (x4)

Oh I feel like dancing
It’s foolishness I know
But when the world has seen the light
They will dance with joy
Like they’re dancing now

I could sing of your love forever (5x)

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Scarecrows, Ogres, and Shaggy Dogs!


What do all those have in common?  Why they are all fun things to view this fall at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens!  We packed a picnic and headed up there this past Sunday AM.  (Another item to add to our Fall Fun list!)  Right now, two fun events are going on, as it looks like they change seasonally.  (We checked out the Garden Lights a few years back and it did not disappoint!)

First is the Imaginary Worlds | Plants Larger Than Life.  This included:

“The sculptures – ranging up to 25 feet tall and 20 feet wide – include a gazing unicorn, a friendly ogre, a pair of gigantic cobras, a group of enchanting rabbits, and a couple of flighty butterflies. The largest piece, a 25-foot-tall representation of a goddess emerging from the earth, greets visitors in the Cascades Garden.”  (Description from website)

Here are some of our pictures.  The kids favorites were the Shaggy Dog and the bunnies (I think LL found 6!)

01-IMG_0359 05-IMG_0369 13-IMG_0379 14-IMG_0380 15-IMG_0381

Second was the annual Scarecrows in the Garden were various companies, organizations, and school from around Atlanta participate in constructing their own scarecrows.  These were SO fun to look at as they lined the trails throughout many parts of the garden. I just noticed a Scavenger hunt on their website – we’ll definitely have to print that one out for next year for the kids! Here are a few favorites: (the first was named BooBee for Breast Cancer Awareness – by far my favorite!)

07-IMG_0371 09-IMG_0373

Another big highlight was the Children’s Garden.  A surprisingly large section of trails with a variety of activities for the little ones.  It included (but is not limited to); a treehouse, how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, digging for dinosaur bones, a sunflower splash pad (we’ll have to go back in the summer to check this out!), a little house, a little cavern, and just lots of “little” places to crawl/walk/whatever through!  Definitely need to go back and spend some more time there!  And bonus this weekend, they had little stations set up where kids got the hands painted, made a hat, and went pumpkin bowling – extra fun!

After taking in all the kids could handle (and actually joining for only a little bit more plus free tickets to bring friends!), we walked right into Piedmont Park and set up to picnic.  Did I mention how pretty the weather was?  Then we went to the playground, which I was very impressed with, and then strolled around a little.  The AIDS walk was going on, so we walked over to the main green space to observe and dance to a great band playing some of our favorite songs (Moves Like Jagger, Don’t Stop Believin’…), before calling it a day.


20-IMG_0388 19-IMG_0386

Kids both fell asleep on the way home, and we came home exhausted, but refreshed from a perfect Sunday morning together and outside!  The perfect way to celebrate God’s glory and rejoice in it!


On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate. Psalm 145:5


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Have a glorious, wondrous Sunday!


Happy Sunday and Labor Day weekend!  I’m going to keep this short today.  We spent this AM out at Power’s Pavillion for the Power’s Festival in West Newnan.  A beautiful shaded setting to enjoy live music, good (but maybe not healthy) food, arts & crafts, and people watching.  Although now it is finally feeling like our typical humid Georgia summers, it is still great to be outside and bask in God’s creations.  Whether walking through the woods or even a crowded festival, being outside I am the happiest and feel closest to God.  So I’m just going to leave you with a few pictures and a verse on this beautiful Sunday!

052213 (35)

On the glorious splendor of your majesty,
and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.
Psalm 145:5

A few pictures from this AM at Power’s Fest:


Enjoying all natural homemade ice cream from Country Cabins Sweets & Treats and we can’t go to a festival without face (well arm) painting!  (I loved it last week when LL told me she didn’t want her face painted because she couldn’t see it!)

IMG_3728LL is getting good with the camera – so we have more pictures of us these days!

IMG_3730Me and my LL!

IMG_3738And ofcourse my happy little man!

May you and yours meditate on God’s wonders in this world this Sunday.  Happy 3-day weekend!  Amen!

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