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Book Review: See Her Run by A.K. Leigh

See Her Run
By A.K. Leigh
Released 2/26/15
Provided free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 3 bones

I’ve read some really good mystery/thrillers lately, I didn’t feel like this one held up.  It was an interesting story, not like any I had read, though I felt it left me wanting more and I wasn’t excited to pick it up each night.  But that could have something to do with the fact that it was a disturbing subject matter that hurt my heart to read.

The book focuses on Diana King, who we know right off the bat is part of the witness protection program after being badly hurt by her husband, Russ.  Her handler, Chris, is also a recurring character and tasked with keeping her safe.  The book wastes no time jumping into the meat of the book, when Diana meets Jon Smith.  Local heart-throb and benefactor to the little North Carolina town of Smithfield, which we come to find out was named after his family.

Both Diana and Jon have secrets of their own that they struggle with keeping as they move closer to each other.  In typical mystery form, little hints are revealed throughout, and the reader has to hold on to the very end to put it all together.  That is all well and fine, but I get a bit frustrated with books that refer to something throughout the book as if the reader should know what is going on.  It makes me think I’ve missed something!   But luckily, in the end, it’s all put together.

While I didn’t know specifics, I did feel the book was predictable.  No spoilers, but if you’re running/hiding from someone, it’s not too hard to see where it is going.  Thus building tension throughout the whole book.  But the author did a really good job of balancing the mystery part with a bit of romance, which is a bit of a different spin from some other books in this genre.

It was a quick read with never a dull moment, I think I just have too much to compare lately and this one just didn’t hold up, but still a good read.  This is the first book for Ms. Leigh and I wouldn’t let it sway me from reading future books.

Thanks to NetGalley and Momentum Books for allowing me to preview!

Book Description:

Diana King has moved to Smithfield, North Carolina to start fresh. With a new look, a new address, and a new name, she’s hoping to begin a safe, quiet life far from the horrors she’s endured. 

On the painful road to recovery, Diana begins to think she can move forward … until she meets local farmer, Jonathan Smith, and realizes his connection to her previous life. While Jon doesn’t recognize her, they both have an undeniable attraction.

Just when Diana begins to see a hope of happiness, she discovers that her ex-husband Russ is on the hunt and will stop at nothing to get her back. For Diana holds evidence that could lock him away for life .


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