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Green Day: The Soundtrack of My Life

Nowadays you may not peg me as your typical Green Day fan; conservative, Christian, stay-at-home mom, but I like to think I was one of the originals.  They have been with me over the last 20+ years and as I titled this post, really can provide the soundtrack of my life.

It started when I was 12.  The release of Dookie was life changing (as many things are to a 12-year old.)  It was one of the first CDs I purchased and immediately fell in love.  Found a place of my own, someone who understood me.  I had my dad, a huge music fan, drive me around to a bunch of Circuit City stores in the Philadelphia area (his preferred choice of venue for CD purchasing) until I found their first 2 albums.  I was hooked and had to have everything I could.


Next big memory of Green Day was Woodstock 1994.  My dad purchased the whole weekend via Pay-per-view, and I remember sitting in his basement with some friends at 13 years old watching the now infamous mud fight, just yearning to see them in concert.  I would profess my love to Billie Joe in poems (something to the extent of you’re only 9 years older than me, I know this can work someday.  And “Only of You” was written for me, right?!)  Again, I was young, searching for my meaning in life.  Seems silly now, but still a part of the bigger picture!  I even found these poems but am still way to embarrassed to share!

I finally got my chance in 1998 to see them live, then living in Washington, DC area, when some friends and I attended HFStival.  First time crowd-surfing, I made my way to the front to profess my love for front man Billie Joe Armstrong.  We had a connection, I just knew it!  Here is a pic from one of the many music festivals attended while in High School – complete with our mascot – Beagan (long story!)

photo (28)

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) was my high school graduation song, Class of 1999.  An emotional time in anyone’s life.  A song also chosen, 8 years later, to play at the final song at our wedding reception.

In 2005, I meet Steven.  Also a fellow music lover.  We soon came to realize that while I was 13 years old playing Green Day in my room in the Philly suburbs, he was attending college in Philly attending lots of concerts.  Many of which my father, in looking back at ticket stubs, was also in attendance.  Such a small world – would have been weird if we had met back then – but higher powers brought us back together in Atlanta in 2005.  After dating just a few short months, he surprised me to tickets to see Green Day live at Phillips Arena in Atlanta for the American Idiot tour.  This event marked two big milestones for us, our first picture together (see below) and the first time we professed our love for each other (awww!)


9 years later, we find out we are moving to Cleveland, OH aka home of Rock n Roll, coincidence?  I’m beginning to think not.  Steven had already moved, and I came up kid-free to house-hunt one weekend, and was surprised with tickets to see American Idiot at Playhouse Square to celebrate our 7th anniversary.  On Facebook I proclaimed it the “Best Anniversary Present Ever.”


I spoke too soon.  This year, our new hometown of Cleveland, OH is hosting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Rock Week.   And guess who is to be inducted?  Pretty obvious, huh?  On their first year of eligibility, Green Day was nominated and chosen to be inducted!!  And my amazing husband managed to score us tickets to this exclusive event!!

We kicked off Rock Week with Celebration Day.  The Rock Hall (I’m a local and can now call it this!) opened it doors to the public and hosted an array of activities and events.  We had a blast!  This week also contained lots of local music events.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to attend any of those, the only one really of interest to me was the exclusive show that Green Day put on at the House of Blues.  But thanks to social media, I was able to see lots of pics and even catch some of it streaming live.  Would have been awesome to be there (and believe me I tried!), but I have Saturday to look forward to and that is going to be amazing!!

So thanks for reading – follow-up post to come from this Saturday’s events!  Congrats to Green Day – well deserved!  And Happy 8th Anniversary to my husband.  You Rock!



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