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Fun afternoon at the #AtlantaBoatShow


Big thanks to The Uncoordinated Mommy for her review of the Atlanta Boat Show and the chance to win tickets.  I found her blog through Atlanta’s Frugal Mom blog (another new favorite) just yesterday and she had a quick contest and I’m happy to report I won!  So lucky for you – you can check out my review – along with hers here.  I never would have known there were so many things to do – so a great way to spend a wet weekend!  (Which actually turned out pretty nice and 60 by the afternoon!)

ATL-suaYou may remember, or if you are newer, be sure to check this out, my review of the Atlanta Camping & RV show.  We had a blast there.  While we actually may be in the market for an RV in the next few years, a boat is probably not on a list (we’ll stick to enjoying our friends – like this super fun one in AR).  My husband will be the first to tell you that our family is not “a sea-fairing folk!”  But its still fun to see how much you can customize a boat and see some other fun things too!


A view from one of the boats of the massive showroom of boats.  As the kids pointed out, big boats, little boats, fast boats, slow boats, party boats, you name it – they had it.  Our little princess especially liked the “glitter boats”, of which there were a ton!

Ofcourse, like any show there were tons of giveaways.  In my efforts to reduce clutter, we were actually very good and walked away with only a towel, keychain, and picture (at top) from the Progressive booth (which was huge since they were the sponsor!)  They also had a few little games, like throwing fish in bigger fishes mouths, for the kids which was fun!


We actually only set foot on one boat I believe.  There were lines wrapped around several of the larger boats (like the one pictured above with me and LM in front of.)  While it would have been nice to see how the rich and famous boat, we weren’t interested in waiting in line.

The only thing we waited for was our opportunity to trout fish.  They had little fishing poles and the kids attempted to fish in the middle of the boat showroom.  On a tip from the blog we won tickets from, I asked for a new brightly colored bait (not a fisher – so don’t mind my lack of knowledge of fishing terms!), and sure enough, me and my LM caught a fish!  Lucky for me, it’s catch and release, but it was fun for everyone to see!  As I was busy reeling it in (ok – I was just holding the poll looking for help!), I wasn’t able to snap a pic, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

And what seemed to be the most popular of all was the Swampmaster Gator Show.  Seriously people we saving their spots an hour before show time.  We decided to grab a bite to eat first (which while there were some nice choices of food – it was far from affordable) and take our chances on seeing.  But lucky for us, we gave the kids “head-rides” and they could see just fine.  The guy was absolutely crazy tackling a wild alligator, but it was amusing and everyone seemed to enjoy.  I was really glad to hear and actually read before going, that they only use the alligators for 5 days and then they are released into the wild.  And as I promised the kids over the last day, at the end the baby alligator was revealed.  Unfortunately the line to see and hold and take pictures with him was way too long and we were ready to leave at that point, so no pictures to share of that.  But here are a few from the show:


11-IMG_1416 12-IMG_1414

Overall, so much to see, kept the kids and us entertained.  A few more highlights included were the fish tanks (pictured below), a random mermaid (I guess promoting one of the boat companies?), floating chairs (LL liked!), tons of bars, a few more kids activities (face painting, balloon animals, sand necklaces), demonstrations, contests, and I’m sure more that we didn’t even catch.

13-IMG_1417 10-IMG_1410

Crazy traffic, between the boat show and Monster Jam next door (possibly on the agenda for the kids in the future as it looks like a few of our friends went and had a blast!), but fun afternoon evening, and a great view of ATL after dark.  Thanks for stopping by!



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