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11 years and counting!


This post is for the member of my family who I have known the longest.  My first love, my constant, loyal companion, my Devon on her 11th birthday.  Named after Devon, PA a town near and dear to my heart, Devon came into my life a scared, skinny, probably abused, fearful of men, 1 year old puppy in 2004.  She was there, and given half credit to, when I met Steven, and she fell in love with her life partner, Zevon .  She’s been there through 3 houses, 2 kids, another dog, and now 2 states.

“All because two hearts fell in love.” is displayed on a sign in our house.  And we had to find the one that said hearts not people as many have in their homes, because the two hearts we really give credit to are Devon & Zevons.  They brought Steven and I together and without them (me without Devon) we would not have a house full of love and laughter, little lady, little man, and even Baxter!


As the kids and I took her to a new vet (which was hard because we had been at Animal Medical Clinic in Peachtree City her whole life), I read the chart and she now falls into the geriatric category.  That hurts my heart to read.  But I was encouraged by the new vet, a wonderful woman who specializes in canine physical therapy (of which there is a center conveniently right next door.)  After some x-rays of her hips and back legs, we confirmed arthritis and some fluid build-up in her back legs, knees, and feet, and discussed many options.  Nothing was pushed on us – just outlined.  Who knew that between drugs, lasers, water therapy, and much more, we have so many options.  Nothing is guaranteed, but it could improve the quality of her life.


And I should preface, other than not using one of her back legs and not being as agile as she once was, she is still doing great.  And even more so, she wants to do everything we and the other dogs do, so we can only hope and pray for many more years to come!

While our move was stressful, OH has actually been good for her, as GA summers were not her favorite.  We are able to walk often and even get to the beach, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed for how the winter will go, but I think we’ve picked a good retirement home for Devy.  Here are some pictures of her around town:

And I found these fun pictures.  First is our first family picture in 2005 and second is right before we moved this summer (not the best but I dare you to try posing 2 kids and 3 dogs!)

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

To the world you may be just one person, but to one person dog, you may be the world.

Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.


I’ll stop now before I lose it completely.  I just wanted to honor my oldest best friend.  Devon, we love you and look forward to many more birthdays, Happy 11th Birthday old girl!!  I’ll leave you with even more pictures (most are either from 2005 or after 2010 – things were much more interesting after kids!)


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And All The People Said AMEN!


Give thanks to the LORD for His love never ends!

Happy Monday!  I haven’t done a song in a while and if you’re like me, Mondays I could always use a bit extra encouragement.  We’ve been loving this newer Matt Maher song lately and even been ending our prayers with the chorus of this song.  It has such a good message that I wanted to share to anyone that needs a little extra push this Monday morning.  (For another Matt Maher favorite and constant prayer of mine – check out Lord, I Need You.)

Simple message – yet so profound and a great reminder each and every day. “We are all the same in need of mercy, To be forgiven and be free, It’s all you got to lean on, But thank God it’s all you need.”

The Lord’s love never ends; his mercies never stop. Lamentations 3:22 (NCV)

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Phillipians 4:19 (ESV)

That’s it for today.  Short and sweet.  Meditate on it, share it, live it!  Enjoy your week!  Amen!

“All The People Said Amen”
Matt Maher

You are not alone if you are lonely
When you’re feeling frail, you’re not the only
We are all the same in need of mercy
To be forgiven and be free
It’s all you got to lean on
But thank God it’s all you need

And all the people said Amen, whoa oh
And all the people said Amen
Give thanks to the Lord for His love never ends
And all the people said Amen

If you’re rich or poor, well it don’t matter
Weak or strong, we know love is what we’re after
We’re all broken but we’re all in this together
God knows we stumble and fall
And He so loved the world He sent His son to save us all

And all the people said Amen, whoa oh
And all the people said Amen
Give thanks to the Lord for His love never ends
And all the people said Amen

Blessed are
The poor in spirit who are torn apart
Blessed are
The prosecuted and the pure in heart
Blessed are
The people longing for another start
For this is the Kingdom
The Kingdom of God

And all the people said Amen, whoa oh
And all the people said Amen
Give thanks to the Lord for His love never ends
And all the people said Amen

Praise the Lord! He is good.
    God’s love never fails.
Praise the God of all gods.
    God’s love never fails.
Praise the Lord of lords.
    God’s love never fails.
Psalm 136:1-3

One last shout out for the day – Happy 1st Birthday to Evergreen Church.  Amazing accomplishment and a great church home in the Peachtree City GA area.


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Garden Lights, Holiday Nights

We kicked off the Christmas season at the Member Premiere night at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this past Thursday night!  See details of our last visit here – so much fun – we joined the “elite” group of members!  For my mom’s (aka Grandma’s) birthday, the kids and I surprised her with an early dinner at Loca Luna, and one of the very first walks through the garden this holiday season!  (And got to cross off an item on my Christmas Bucket List!)

This is the third year of the Garden Lights, Holiday Nights, and seems to be improving with time.  Last time we went was in November of 2011, right before our LM was born (see my big belly below).  I think it may have opened earlier then (as you can see many of the pictures are still in daytime!), but this year – it was all dark, which made it all the more magical!

Here is a peak at the layout of the garden and a few fun things going on that night.  I believe there are more events going on throughout the season too – check those out on their webpage.  But the carolers were great to put Christmas songs in their air and really get you in the spirit.  The ice carver had a large crowd around him as he chainsawed a train.  And the kids (not ours this year) could make s’mores over an open fire and make crafts in the Orchid Center.  I packed the kids a “cleaner” version of s’mores – graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate chips – in a bag!

01-photo (3) 1-photo (5)

It wasn’t too crowded and we really enjoyed strolling along all the different paths throughout the garden and inside the buildings.  It’s a lot of walking, and while the kids wanted to walk themselves some, the double stroller definitely came in handy!

06-IMG_0611 02-IMG_0605

LL was a bit disappointed that many of the topiaries from our last visit were taken down – but they kept the snakes and the Garden Goddess – which were very pretty!  (I think some of the snake’s lights are out here though!)

1-IMG_0643 04-IMG_0607 03-IMG_0606

A definite favorite of the kids was the dancing lights.  Here is a glimpse of them dancing to the “snoopy song!”  These as mesmorizing and a lot of fun!


The indoor areas were a lot of fun to walk through too, especially the Radiant Rainforest.  I didn’t get any  pictures there except this one with Grandma in front of the big Poinsettia Tree.


We ended our visit with a trip to the model train display.  This was fun for the kids to watch.  This, and the ride-on train coming soon, may warrant another day visit.  With LM’s train birthday coming up – I want him to be super excited!

Here are a few more pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And I’ll leave you with this quote etched above the outdoor fireplace.

Not what we have, but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.


Thanks for stopping by – check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Garden Lights, Holiday Nights – you won’t be disappointed!  (And I hope Grandma had a fun birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!)


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2013 Summertime Fun!

LL and I were just going through pictures from this summer and I started to write down all the things we did.  It didn’t seem like a lot at the time, but we kept very busy this summer!  I thought I would do a post to document, highlight some local attractions, and ofcourse breakout more pictures!

Our summer started off in May with our trip to Hilton Head Island, SC.
Check that out here!

Also in May was the Senoia Memorial Day Festival.  Always a fun one!  (I think this also kicked off the summer of face/arm painting, a new favorite of our LL)

IMG_3040 IMG_3042

June brought lots of outdoor activities around the house/yard at home and with friends:


IMG_3198 IMG_3173

IMG_3139 IMG_3135  IMG_3072

Strawberry Picking at Adam’s Farm in Fayetteville, GA


Summer Fun Days at LL’s Preschool


Walks around Lake Peachtree for me, LM, and Bax


Newnan Utilities Splash Pad – See that and other activities in my first
Summer Fun Post!

Southern Ground Senoia Social (didn’t get any pictures – but fun times listening to good music, supporting a great cause, and even a surprise on-stage appearance by Zac Brown!)

More Berry Picking at Whitely Farms in Sharpsburg


Doggie Swimtime at Drake Field in Peachtree City


Grant Park Playground with old friends (and a sighting of our old neighbors from Grant Park – the APD Mounted Patrol)

IMG_3224 IMG_3225


Shenanigan’s Toys Indoor Playground (awesome addition to PTC – but don’t tell too many people it’s a hidden gem that is never too busy!)

IMG_3266 IMG_3267

Exhausted yet?  That was only June – now on to July, which kicked off with our trip to

Neighborhood Garage Sale (to earn some nice spending $$)

LL’s 1st Haircut (and LM’s 5th!)


North Carolina/South Carolina Trip
(Finally documented late HERE!)

The Rock Ranch Summer Fun Days

Blueberry Picking right up the street from us

IMG_3507 IMG_3510

My niece’s 9th birthday party (camping in her backyard!)

IMG_3524 IMG_3525

VBS at New Church (kids attended, I helped lead up the Craft area)

IMG_3569 IMG_3578

AND finally there was August!

We always enjoy Newnan Market Days

IMG_3570 IMG_3571

Uncle S’s 20-something birthday


Giant Snake on our Front Porch (ok this was NOT fun – but I documented.  It was seriously 4 ft long and I had to get some neighbors to come “take care of”)


Oakland Cemetery and Six Feet Under with city friends


August Kids Photo Shoot to support our neighbor’s daughter – Erin Spruell


Turin Tractor Parade & Pull


Too much rain in August!


Starlite Family Fun Center Toddler Time

IMG_3670 IMG_3677

Grant Park Summer Shade Festival (and more Six Feet Under)


Devon’s 10th Birthday!

IMG_3707 IMG_3710

LL’s 1st Day of 3-year old Preschool


AND finally it was Labor Day weekend.  Rainy for the most part, but we enjoyed some time outside at the Power’s Fest.  See some pictures from my last Sunday post.

And how could I forget – my LM’s first day of Mother’s Morning Out.  Seems like just yesterday LL was starting this.  Time is flying. 

IMG_3750 IMG_3755

Thanks for stopping by.  Hopefully we’ll have lots of fun to post about in the Fall – the BEST time of the year!  But this year it may be hard to compete with such a fun-filled Summer!

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