Book Review: Together Apart by Natalie Martin

Together Apart
By Natalie Martin
Released in 2014 – according to Amazon (maybe re-release  June 23, 2015 according to NetGalley)
Provided free through NetGalley/Lake Union Publishing in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 3 bones(out of 5 bones)

It’s easy to get roped into a book promising a “big secret.”  I think it’s an easy way to keep the reader engaged, much like a mystery.  But then also with an entire book to build it up – it better be worth it.  I flew through the pages, but when it came time for the big reveal – which was about 90%+ into the book, I found myself disappointed.  I felt there should have been more to it.  We all have pasts we don’t like, yes, Sarah’s was a bit more troubling than most, but I found her obnoxious overall and was just happy to finally find out!

The book begins with Sarah and Adam on vacation when Adam spontaneously proposes.  Sarah clams up immediately and thus begins the painful process to reveal her big secret.  Why she ran away from her family, why she feels she can’t get close to anyone, ever, even Adam who she loves.  And Adam, God love him, is hurt and just wants to know.  My heart really did feel for him, but seriously dude, sounded like some warning signs were there.  Not meeting her family, knowing virtually nothing about her past, can’t say you weren’t warned.

Information is slowly revealed throughout the book, which makes the reader form some theories, which always helps in keeping me engaged.  Then diaries were introduced – always fun for the reader too.  And those diaries, let’s just say I think they may have found them in my closet.  When I was 14, I probably wrote very similar things, as embarrassing as that is to admit.  Lot of “OMG I can’t believe HE looked at ME!”  Haha – very immature – but realistic (at least to me!)  I liked Sarah better as a teenager than I did in the present, then she just annoyed me to no end.  They both needed some sense slapped into them!!

I did hang on to the end, which you have to to fully find out the secret and get some resolution.  And it did end nicely.  Pretty predictable that way, but still kept me guessing.  I’d say a good summer read, not too long and although not happy, an easy read.

Thank you to NetGalley and Lake Union publishing for allowing me to preview.

Book Description:

When Adam proposes to Sarah, the last thing he expects is to be single and heartbroken less than forty-eight hours later. But Sarah has a secret – and she’s willing to sacrifice everything to keep it.

Going through a break-up is hard enough but having to live together afterwards is even worse, especially when it’s a break-up neither person wants. For Adam, there are only three ways to deal with it: sex, drugs and alcohol. For Sarah, its keeping her distance and closely guarding the lengths she’s gone to in order to keep her secret safe for the past fifteen years. And she succeeds until Adam finds a box of her teenage diaries.

Against a backdrop of lies, secrecy, passion and teenage rebellion, the delicate threads holding Sarah’s secret begin to unravel and when her first love is brutally murdered, her past and present collide in a way that makes it impossible to keep them apart.

Adam thought he knew everything about Sarah. He was wrong.

Romantic, intense and heart-breaking, Together Apart is a contemporary love story exploring what it really means to love and be loved.

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