Book Review: One Last Thing by Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue

One Last Thing
By Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue
Released 3/10/15
Provided free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4 bones

This one caught me a little off guard.  I’m on my mystery kick and I was roped in by the description of this book and the promise of a dark secret.  It was definitely dark and a bit of a deeper issue than I was prepared for.  I’ll blame my own ignorance.  I knew the author’s name sounded familiar, and that is (after further investigation) because Rebecca St. James is also a Christian recording artist. I love many of her songs.  So of course this is a Christian book!  Not a bad thing, but just as I said, caught me off guard.  The issues Tara and Seth face and tackle are all too real and heart-wrenching as the reader experiences with them in this book.

That all being said, it was a wonderfully written book with great characters and had me hooked.  And oddly enough, this morning’s sermon at our church hit on many points that were very relevant to this story.  (Refer 2 Samuel 11-12 for the story of David & Bathsheba)  Maybe deep down Seth wanted his secret to be discovered so he could work towards being free of it?  The secrets and the guilt we carry will only continue to eat away at us.  In order to be free of our secrets we must face them.  And that is hard.  That is what Seth and Tara must do in this book.  And that is what David did in the Bible.   And God is working behind the scenes through it all (or maybe right out in the open too.)

The big “secret” is uncovered very early in the book.  The rest of the book is how one person’s (Seth’s) choices affect everyone else in their life.  It’s very powerful and a real issue facing not only many people, but many Christian people.  I was worried about the book turning into a big PSA (public service announcement) as I find a lot of books in the Christian genre can be.  But while the message is definitely there, the story was good.  Really good.

Your heart will ache with Tara.  You can just picture the “Watch”, Tara’s eccentric group of friends formed throughout the book and their nightly meetings at the coffee shop.  All from different backgrounds, they are an amazing group of women brought together.  I loved Tara’s relationships with her parents, her friends, her brother, Ned, Wendy, Ike and even Seth and his family.  Each character really taught Tara something about herself and were all placed there for a specific reason.  There were so many things going on, but woven seamlessly together with a good ending.  And the backdrop of Savannah, GA was fun too having been there to visit and could easily visualize the setting.

This book really made me think and then paired with the sermon this morning, challenged me in a way I haven’t been in a while.  Reinforcement that God is in everything.  The bad, the good, the people we come across each day; in every tough situation there is a lesson to be learned that will only make us stronger.  And sometimes bad things happen so we can see the good in them or things in ourselves we may not have known before.  That is what happened for Tara and Seth in One Last Thing.

Again an unexpected ride from my initial download, but a really great one.  Be prepared for anything and everything and check out this book!

Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas Nelson for allowing me to preview this book!!

Book Description:

Tara had always imagined her happily ever after. But her fiancé’s secrets are changing this story into one she doesn’t even recognize.

Tara Faulkner and Seth Grissom grew up next door to each other in Savannah’s historic district. Their parents are best friends. They finish each other’s sentences all the time. Their fairy tale wedding is a foregone conclusion . . . until Tara discovers another side to Seth three weeks before the wedding.

Reality has crashed in on Tara’s fairy tale—but hope will lead her to a future she couldn’t have planned for herself.

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