Book Review(s) – a quick overview of what I’ve been reading!

I’m such a slacker lately (on here at least – hopefully my kids and kitchen (baking) would tell you differently!)  I just finished my 4th book without a review…and I’ve forgotten 2 Teaser Tuesdays…I think my New Year’s Resolution is writing itself (which involves writing more!)  But I wanted to document, if only for my own knowledge the books I have been reading and my quick summary and rating!

An American Duchess by Sharon Page (NetGalley) – Released 10/1/14 – 3 Bones

I always love and gravitate to books written during this era (1920’s), but this one wasn’t AS good in comparison to others.  I liked it, it was a good story with a spunky main character and kept my interest, but the book took a darker turn and was sadder than I had hoped. And it lacked some of the dazzling details that I love about the jazz age.

Until I Found You by Victoria Bylan (Random Kindle Download) – Released 4/29/14 – 3 Bones

I do this (too often actually), my to-read list is too long, so I go trolling on the *Free* Kindle Best Sellers list for a lighter read.  This was a Christian fiction – which always is a nice read, but predictable.  It was a story of 2 people with rocky pasts (or presents) who didn’t think they were supposed to be happy.  But (spoiler alert) God’s grace prevails and all is well.  I don’t mean to sound mocking, it’s true and happens all the time in my life, it just makes for a predictable read, and not usually my preferred genre.  But it was a good story, frustrating as the reader as you just want to shake some sense into them, but a good, sweet, redemptive story.

End of Secrets by Ryan Quinn (Nov Kindle First Read) – Released 12/1/14 – 4 Bones

Now this one blew my mind.  In this digital age, it’s scary to think who is/could be watching you or tracking you at any minute.  And that that information may be worth something to the right person.  Great, fast-moving story, great characters, never knew who you could trust or who was working for who.  Loved it!  Have you figured it out yet?

I Am Sophie Tucker by Susan & Lloyd Ecker (NetGalley) – Released 10/21/14 – 4 Bones

Not sure how this ended up in my queue – but Sophie Tucker (who I confirmed was a real person) was described as the Forest Gump of her time, and who doesn’t love that movie/story?  It is her memoir, deemed a “fictional” one because a lot of the stories were passed along so many times, the authors couldn’t vouch for it in its entirety.  But such a fun woman, with ties to all the big-wigs of her time.  Wish I could have seen her show – she sounded like a woman ahead of her time!  Fun read.

Thanks for stopping by – bear with me the next few weeks and I’ll try to be better!  Merry Christmas!!

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