Book Review: Holding on to Georgia by Courtney Giardina

Holding on to Georgia
By Coutney Giardina
Releases 8/21/14 (TODAY!)
ARC provided to me free from the author!

Rating: 4 bones

Finish Time: 4 nights.  A quick, easy read.  Somewhat predictable, but choke full of great quotes (see a few below and my teaser this week) and hit somewhat close to home.  I was really excited to be approached directly by Ms. Giardina to receive an ARC to review.  And this book releases TODAY (10/21/14)!!  Always fun to be on the ground floor of a new release (and happy I made the deadline on this one!)

Check out Courtney Giardina’s website HERE and be sure to enter her GIVEAWAY too for a super cute Alex & Ani bracelet!

“Maybe it would end just like the rest of them, or maybe it would end with them as just friends-but maybe, just maybe, it might end up as something more.  It was time to start taking chances.  That is what life was all about.  Making choices that lead you to end up exactly where you belong at any given moment.” (42% in)

This book follows Wesley Kade, known simply as “Kade”, a widow of 3 years, as he moves to Charlotte, North Carolina from Georgia to start over.  And Rylan Bradley, a single dance studio owner/teacher who has been through her share of struggles in the past.  Both clearly bruised from the path and struggling with starting over.   So much in common, yet both carrying so much fear that drives them both together and apart throughout the book.  And you, as the reader has a front row seat to these ups and downs.

“And sometimes, no matter how much you want to be with someone, there’s never a guarantee that they want you back.” (73% in)

The title refers to Kade holding on to his past in Georgia, which having just made a big move from Georgia, is quite similar to my journey over the last few months.  Definitely not the same issues, but so many great themes; taking risks, following your heart/gut, and making the choose to be happy.  And Rylan too, having been burned by men in the past, it’s a story of redemption, letting go of the past, and getting what you deserve.

We also learn a lot about each character through past relationships, specifically thoughts/interactions with Jake (Rylan’s ex), and through thoughts/journals of Evelyn (Kade’s wife.)  And really throughout the whole book, bits and pieces of their pasts are revealed to help understand where they are coming from while they are both trying to get on with their lives in the present.  I really felt invested in their relationship and even found myself frantically turning pages to get through the tougher points of the book and when I just knew something else was going to happen.

It was a sweet, frustrating, entertaining, somewhat predictable, yet filled with enough anticipation to make this an enjoyable few nights spent with Kade, Rylan, and their friends!  Thank you Courtney for allowing me to preview!

Book Description:

Rylan Bradley is perfectly content with her single, thirty-something life. Love is the last thing on her mind—until she crosses paths with Wesley Kade. He is handsome, charming, and always there when she needs someone the most. But there’s a story behind those brown eyes that he’s not ready to tell. As Rylan and Kade struggle to untangle their feelings for each other, the reality of their pasts will once again resurface and threaten to take it all away.

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