Book Review: Night of a Thousand Stars by Deanna Raybourn

Night of a Thousand Stars
By Deanna Raybourn
Released 9/30/14
Provided free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 3 bones

Finish Time: 7 nights.  As I picked up this book…this author’s name sounds familiar, maybe I’ve read her before?  A few nights later…wait Evangeline Starke is a real person?  I know I’ve read about her before!  A few minutes later…oh wait I have read a book about her written by Deanna Raybourn before.  Duh!  That ever happen to you?  I sure hope so!  This book is a follow-up to City of Jasmine that I read and reviewed earlier this year!

“This book is a follow-up to City of Jasmine, with different main characters but the same setting and a few supporting characters that will be familiar faces.  It gave me a chance to visit that world again and pick up the threads of a story that reaches beyond the events of City of Jasmine.” (from the Reader’s Guide to this book)

If you read that review of mine – I feel like I could write the same review for this book.  I thought maybe it was because I had a lot of distractions going on, but I really felt confused by all the characters and allegiances throughout this book…again!  2 times is not a coincidence (actually maybe it is – but I still think it’s hard not to ignore!)  And again looking at the description – it’s a historical fiction – right up my alley – no question as to why I requested it!

I enjoyed the beginning, a young girl (Poppy) fleeing her wedding, picked up by a stranger, contemplating how to start over and figure out just who she is.  But then it quickly takes a sharp turn into non-stop action, drama, danger, and excitement.  I loved that I never knew what was next, but then I found myself trying to figure out who was working with who and who  you/Poppy could trust, and I just became a bit frustrated.  But then bits and pieces are put together and it all comes together nicely and I did enjoy the ending.

I enjoyed the main characters that I could keep track of – Sebastian as the handsome, mysterious, humble, unassuming hero and possible romantic interest.  Masterman as Poppy’s protector/lady’s maid and confidant but clearly with her own secrets and story.  And ofcourse Poppy, discovering herself for the first time.  She made a great main character and I found myself wondering what I would do if ever in her shoes (but also very glad I wasn’t!)

So a good, solid, historical fiction.  Not my favorite, but not one to pass off if you get the chance to read.  I did really enjoy the Reader’s Guide at the end that includes a Q&A with the author.  If I had a lot more time, I’d love to read her Julia Grey books and learn more about the March family!

Thanks again to NetGalley for this opportunity to read and review!

Book Description:

On the verge of a stilted life as an aristocrat’s wife, Poppy Hammond does the only sensible thing—she flees the chapel in her wedding gown. Assisted by the handsome curate who calls himself Sebastian Cantrip, she spirits away to her estranged father’s quiet country village, pursued by the family she left in uproar. But when the dust of her broken engagement settles and Sebastian disappears under mysterious circumstances, Poppy discovers there is more to her hero than there seems.

With only her feisty lady’s maid for company, Poppy secures employment and travels incognita—east across the seas, chasing a hunch and the whisper of clues. Danger abounds beneath the canopies of the silken city, and Poppy finds herself in the perilous sights of those who will stop at nothing to recover a fabled ancient treasure. Torn between allegiance to her kindly employer and a dashing, shadowy figure, Poppy will risk it all as she attempts to unravel a much larger plan—one that stretches to the very heart of the British government, and one that could endanger everything, and everyone, that she holds dear.



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