Book Review: The Girl from Nowhere by Christopher Finch

The Girl from Nowhere (click on book or see below for description)
By Christopher Finch
Released 9/16/14
Provided free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4 bones

Finish Time: 5 nights.  [Insert profanity here]  Seriously, this book was crazy and its making me want to use inappropriate words.  I’m still stewing over whether that is good or not – maybe as I write this review it will become clearer (it did).  It was very well written in that I could not put it down, but the subject matter was unsettling, to say the least.  I would have finished it earlier if I could have kept my eyes open that long.  And I should have because where I left it the night before I finished with 10% left, was not a settling point.  I had nightmares about it.

As I’m reading back the book description (see below), I’m not going to plead ignorance on this one, it promises action, suspense, mystery, but where this book went, I never would have guessed.  Not even if given a million guesses.  Which was a nice break from predictable books, but this one just messed with my head.

So to get to the story – I started by being a bit annoyed this was a sequel to Good Girl, Bad Girl (personal preference – I don’t like series). In reading the description for that book, it also seems like it would also provide a very exciting story, and is probably one I would read as well.  So sequel in this sense appears to maybe just have the same main character, Alex Novalis, in the same 1960’s New York City setting.  The book begins pretty dramatically with Alex being suddenly approached on the street as asked to be kissed by Sandy, whose life is being threatened, and who upon further conversation is “the girl from nowhere.”  Interest peaked and drawn into Sandy’s world, Alex, a private investigator by trade, delves into the life of this girl from nowhere.

Sandy’s world is anything but ordinary as Alex is warned to stay away from her, followed, threatened, kidnapped, and so many more disturbing twists and turns as he investigates.  This is the kind of book I could probably re-read a few times to pick up all the details, as I found myself frantically turning pages to find out what happened next that I was pretty confused at some points.  And at others trying to figure out who could come up with this stuff as it was almost surreal to me at point.  Sandy is pictured as a sweet, wholesome girl, albeit a stripper, that draws people in (especially Alex but lots of others), but has a dangerous side that kept me, the reader, on my feet, what could it be, just where is nowhere, and what is her story?

I’ll stop before I’m tempted to divulge too much, this is the kind of book you need to experience for yourself.  Are you up for the ride?  I’d love to hear about it.

Description from Amazon:

“I’m being followed,” she said. “I think he wants to kill me.”

When a panicked young woman slips her hand into his in 1960s Chinatown, just before a knife-wielding stalker attacks, private eye Alex Novalis finds his cherished hard-boiled persona threatened by a romantic streak that has a habit of getting him into trouble. Sandy Smollett is triple trouble—a stripper who comes on like the girl next door and has a way of bending the truth to suit any occasion. Novalis finds her irresistible.

It doesn’t help that her mobster boss, a sleazy politico, and an attorney brandishing an envelope stuffed with cash all warn Novalis that Sandy is strictly off limits. Things don’t get easier when Novalis finds a dead man in her apartment, or when they both are kidnapped by homicidal thugs. Who is Sandy Smollett? For once she tells the truth when she tells Novalis, “I’m the Girl from Nowhere.”

Christopher Finch’s sophisticated sequel to Good Girl, Bad Girl unfolds against the background of a volatile era of social upheaval.


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2 responses to “Book Review: The Girl from Nowhere by Christopher Finch

  1. Ooh this sounds interesting but I’m not sure whether I could cope with the level of confusion you suggest – I’m going to think about it 🙂

  2. I would probably have to read the previous book first.


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