Book Review: Just One Thing by Holly Jacobs

Just One Thing
By Holly Jacobs
Released 6/10/14
Borrowed free through Amazon

Rating: 4 bones

Finish Time: A few nights.  Honestly, I finished this book a few weeks ago, and have finished 3 since, so this will be a short review.   We’ve been busy with moving and while I’m constantly reading, it’s been hard to sit down and write.  But I’m going to try today to knock out a few and play catch up – so here goes!

This was a sweet story.  Like many of the books I read – a solid 3-4 bones.  Nothing that stood out as “you have to read this book” but one that made me smile and had a little different twist on it.  Lexie McCain lives alone.  Her kids are grown, her marriage is over, and she is in a period of self-discovery.  Quite the introvert, she spends most of her time at home, except Mondays.  Mondays, Lexie walks down the Corner Bar.  She has one beer and comes home.  Over time, the bartender and owner, Sam Corner, begin short conversations that become known as “One Thing.”  It’s a question Sam poses to Lexie each week.  She started out small but each week gets bolder and takes time to come up with her one thing.

Eventually the game goes two ways and Sam starts revealing more about himself and how he got to where he is.  It’s just sweet and cute and yes, a bit predictable.  But it’s fun to learn more about Sam and Lexie through flashbacks, leading up to each of their Monday nights, and then their relationship as it grows.

A true story of rediscovering who you are later in life.   Great characters and really great build-up to a fun ending where Lexie kind of has a “big reveal!”  A good book, not to heavy, but still substantial to help me through my move – I think you’ll like it too!

Description from Amazon:

“Sometimes, you find yourself inadvertently in the dark. But I’d discovered that if you stopped fighting against it and just stood still, sometimes something marvelous comes along.”

Artist Lexie McCain spends her days literally weaving the story of her life into a gorgeous tapestry. But on Monday nights, she walks to the Corner Bar, drinks a Killian’s, and answers the same question every week from Sam the bartender: “One thing?” She starts with her name, then her cottage, slowly moving on to the devastating tragedies that tore her life apart.

Sam Corner’s smile doesn’t seem to hide any pain. One night, Lexie turns the tables on him, asking Sam, “One thing?” To her surprise, Sam reveals his own tragic history. Together, Lexie and Sam learn that, with good beer and a trusted friend, sharing just “one thing” might lead to the one thing they both thought was lost forever: love.

From award-winning author Holly Jacobs comes the story of heartache, hope, and the power of sharing just one thing.

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