Book Review: Progeny by Anita Bihovsky

Progeny (click book for description or see below)
by Anita Bihovsky
Released March 18, 2014
Provided free through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Rating: 4 bones

Finish Time: 3 nights.  Talk about a page-turner.  I was up late 3 nights to finish this book!  It tackles a very current topic – In-vitro Fertilization (IVF), and even takes it a step further.  It makes you think – what if you found out you weren’t who you’ve always thought (been told) you were?  Would it matter?  Does it change anything?  Would you seek out your genetic connection?

Selene Mannon has to answer all of those questions.  I go back and forth on whether I agree with her choices, but either way it is all explained and she is a great main character.  The book begins with her mother on her death-bed admitting that Selene was conceived through IVF with a donor egg.  Now with both her mother and father gone, she moves to New York City with her aunt and uncle and begins the search to find her genetic mother.

With the help of her aunt Lila, a pediatrician Deandra, and a private investigator, Max, Selene begins to not only investigate her background, but a string of children with missing records, common ailments, and one doctor in common.  The book explores many different relationships, many people who were forced to conceal the truth, or chose to for various reasons.  And a really unbelievable scheme in the end.  I’ll say it again, un-be-lieve-able as I struggle with wrapping my head around it, or even doing a Google search about it.  It’s a bit disturbing too but the build up is so good, thus my good rating.

It’s a fictional book, obviously based on something that could happen (at least the beginning part of it), so we’ll leave it at that.  As I mentioned before, a page-turner of the true definition.  A fast read with vibrant characters, glad I had the chance to preview!  Let me know if you want to discuss if you read it!

Description from NetGalley:

Sitting beside her mother’s deathbed, twenty-year-old Selene Mannon learns that the woman she’s about to lose isn’t her biological parent. Grieving and confused, Selene sets out to discover the identity of her real mother. Little does she know, the question isn’t as simple as it seems.

Curiously missing medical files kick off a mystery layered in deceit. Selene soon crosses paths with pediatrician Deandra Robbins, who is seeking the same files — which may hold the key to diagnosing three of her young patients’ puzzling symptoms.

Aided by private investigator Max Field, they work together to unearth a past that others are determined to keep buried at all costs. But just when Selene believes she’s finally gotten to the bottom of things, the biggest shock still awaits.

Can Selene forgive the mother who raised and deceived her? Will she ever find her real mother? How far will people go to find — or hide — the truth? Join Selene and her friends as they struggle against the odds in search of answers that may be harder to cope with than a lifetime of lies.

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