Book Review: Picturing Perfect by Melissa Brown

Picturing Perfect
By Melissa Brown
Borrowed through Amazon Prime

Rating: 4 bones


Finish Time: 3 nights.  I needed a fluffy filler.  I haven’t been approved for any books in my NetGalley queue lately, and I’ve finished my March Kindle First, so I went back to my trusty Kindle Best Sellers list, and decided to use my “free” monthly borrow (which I haven’t done in a while.)  I’ve been reading some heavier books of late, so just something cute, easy, and as I said before fluffy, to get me through a few nights.

This book was simply sweet.  Not too deep, not hard, not thought-provoking.  Just a sweet story that made me smile.  It was hard to rate for me, as it wasn’t what I was used to reading (somewhat challenging), but I usually go with my gut and I have nothing bad to say about this book.

The book follows Hadley Foster, a young girl just trying to figure it all out.  She had a plan that derailed, something most readers can relate to.  But in that derailment, she found a job with meaning that filled her life and heart each day.  She found some great friends.  She figured out things (people) she didn’t want.  And was surprised to figure out what she did want and how in that process it encouraged others to do the same.

The characters are lively and really warm your heart.  Hadley is a genuine person, makes choices based on her gut, and you can’t help but respect her for it.  There is the part of me that wants to be skeptical about Jason, the too-good-to-be-true male hero in this book.  But for all the “bad” guys I’ve read about lately, I needed Jason.  He is the personification of the “perfect” guy and I couldn’t help in my current state (we’ll just call it emotional) to like that.

Overall, I’ll say it again, a very sweet book.  And very quick too.  Exactly what I needed as a refresher between books.  Check it out if you could use something like that too!

Blurb from Amazon:

Hadley Foster has been through a lot in her twenty-two years: the death of her beloved father, her mother’s descent into mental illness, and the loss of her soulmate, Jason Kelly, from whom she walked away years ago.

Despite all this, Hadley has remained hopeful and optimistic about life. She has been with upstanding investment banker Tucker for six years, and the future looks bright—until a trip to Europe with her best friend brings a series of events no one could have foreseen. Suddenly the brilliant future she has envisioned for herself seems to shatter before her eyes. She is faced with a stark choice: move on again, or pick up the pieces.

Back home, nerdy but handsome Jason Kelly is now a successful writer who could have anything—and anyone—he wants. But deep down, he still misses his beloved “Haddie” and dreams of winning her back.

When destiny leads their paths to cross once more, Hadley and Jason must confront not only their painful past, but what the future may hold for them both.


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