Book Review: Hidden by Catherine McKenzie

Hidden (click book for more info)
By Catherine McKenzie
March Kindle First read – releases 4/1/14

Rating: 2 bones

Finish Time: 4-5 nights.  I don’t like giving books low reviews, I really don’t.  I knew going into this one that is was a subject matter I didn’t like (adultery).  I wanted to keep up my monthly Kindle First reads, and this seemed the best choice for the month.  The length and maybe it would surprise me were my motives.  It was short, thank goodness, but it did not surprise me.  Check out my “teaser” from last week – many comments said it was a sad teaser, and it was, and so was the book.

I guess I was hoping maybe for more fun, or drama, or excitement?  It was a story that could happen, a lot of people got hurt, and just made me sad.  I guess it was written alright, it was easy to read and somewhat easy to follow with the narrator shifting in each chapter.  But none of the characters were particularly likable as I didn’t find myself really feeling for either of them.  They all had made poor choices and hurt a lot of people in the process.

The main characters is Jeff, who dies right at the onset of the book, but every 3rd chapter or so flashes back to give the reader a glimpse at where they are today.  His widow Claire and their son Seth.  Then the “other woman” Tish, her husband and daughter Zoey.  I felt for the kids, you could see them hurt by the whole situation, and as a mom, that just sucked too.

You can read the description by clicking on the book or I’ll paste it below, but I’ll just leave it at that.  It’s a sad story and just sucks for everyone involved.  I hope it never happens in my life or to anyone I know, but unfortunately seems like something that does happen all to often.   But it does ask some tough questions – would you want to know?  especially if that person is gone and nothing can be changed?  and what secrets would be revealed if you died today?  is that how you’d want to be remembered? Questions that I guess put a challenge out to the reader, something I normally like, but in this case, just too sad.

Thanks Kindle First for the free book, but I’ll definitely be more selective for my April book.

Description from Amazon:

Why do people cheat? It’s a question we never seem to tire of asking. In Hidden, Catherine McKenzie takes a story as old as the institution of marriage and makes it new. What is so novel about her book—what hooked me from the beginning—is that it’s told in the voices of all three main characters: Jeff Manning, who is killed in a car accident; his wife, Claire, who struggles to pick up the pieces after his death; and Tish Underhill, Jeff’s coworker and friend. 

Of course, when you ask three witnesses to tell you about the same event, you get three different stories. Reading Hidden, I found myself torn in three directions—I couldn’t help but feel sympathetic to each character’s perspective. It’s no surprise that Catherine, a lawyer by day, has a keen sense of observation and an uncanny ability to tease out the flawed yet very human motivations behind her characters’ reckless actions. In this portrait of modern love and family obligations, she blurs the boundaries of fidelity and what constitutes a marital transgression. 

Was Jeff planning to walk away from the life he had built with Claire? Was Tish more than just a good friend? Will Claire ever discover if her suspicions are grounded in reality? 

A good domestic drama keeps us turning the pages at breakneck speed. A great one causes us to question even our most tightly held beliefs. Hidden does both. Just like I did, you’ll race through this book to uncover the truth.


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3 responses to “Book Review: Hidden by Catherine McKenzie

  1. Sorry to hear this wasn’t the book for you. I thought your teaser was incredibly sad, as you say since Jeff was dead there is little possibility of a happy outcome. Better luck for April!

  2. Love your blog, how about you check my blog out too:-) Hope you can enjoy it. Happy blogging!


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