Book Review: Long Knives by Charles Rosenberg

Long Knives (click book for description)
By Charles Rosenberg
Available 3/1/14
Downloaded free through Kindle First

Rating: 4 bones

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Finish Time: 8ish nights.  I keep promising a blog post with some big news, I’ll go ahead and spoil it and then more details are coming.  But we are moving.  A big move and it’s been a very emotional time, on top of MANY details.  So I haven’t been reading AS much, but I still try and get in a chapter or two each night to take me away from reality, and try to clear my mind of the stresses, unknowns, and just craziness of each day.

This book was far from peaceful, but I enjoyed each night being taken into the even more chaotic world of Jenna James.  Not my favorite name for a main character, I like Jenna, but I believe that full name bears similarity to a certain, let’s just say, less than wholesome woman.   That being said, Jenna was a great main character.  She was a former big shot lawyer who left behind the world of courtrooms to pursue a career of teaching and was currently seeking tenure at UCLA.  She was very real as her insecurities were felt, but she was always very true to herself and strong in her beliefs.  Although her coffee drinking may have been a bit out of hand!

The story begins with one of her students found passed out in her office, and later dying in the hospital.  Jenna is almost immediately a suspect and the story proceeds from there.   While maintaining her classes, doing research and writing articles, keeping a mysterious boyfriend (in the sense that to me he seemed to be hiding something), having a suspicious nephew as her roommate, someone maybe trying to murder her, a bitter rivalry with a colleague, pursuing tenure , Jenna is thrown into the center of a murder investigation.   I’m sure I’m missing a few too, this book is definitely not lacking in the action department.  Some characters and story lines are more developed than others; this book definitely had a unique cast of characters.

A big part of the book, but still very random to me, is that Jenna’s area of teaching is admiral law, which I think is law over the oceans, especially dealing with sunken ships (and their treasures.)  Just not a topic you’d think of often and a rather odd specialty.  The murder also involves a “treasure map”, thus her involvement, but something about it still just seemed a little hokey.  My internet is actually down as I am writing this, or else I would probably spend some time on Google finding out if this really is a popular specialty.  Or maybe not.

I was torn between the 3 and 4 rating, 3 because the subject matter, as I mentioned, was kind of far-fetched to me, but I guess different, so I don’t want that to be a huge negative.  Also I was disappointed with at least one story line that they mentioned at the end, but left as an unknown.   But I settled on a 4 because the book really did keep you guessing until the last page.  Throughout the book, I found myself forming my own theories, suspecting different people, and wanting to pick it up each evening.  It’s a worthwhile read, so I would recommend it.

I always appreciate at pre-read a title and haven’t been disappointed in the Kindle First Program yet!

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