The things we hang on to. #tbt

Sounds like a book I would read, huh?  This is actually going to be a rather embarrassing post, but hopefully amusing.  I’m in spring cleaning mode, even though we are in full-swing southern winter here (it’s about 40 today!)  So today I tackled my closet.  A room, way bigger than I ever thought I would need, but overflowing with stuff.  Now that (most of) the baby weight is gone – the excuse I’ve been using to NOT clear out for the last few years, it’s time.  And even better – I’ve been seeing TBT all over – so this fits in perfect for a Throw Back Thursday!

Today, things are going into three categories.  Keep, Donate, Trash.  Can you guess which each of these falls into?  (Hint – if these things have survived 15-20 years with me, they may stick around longer…)  Although now that I have documented, maybe I can finally let go!

So here goes (I apologize for all the wrinkles – like I said – some of these have been with me awhile!):

Field Hockey Jerseys


One of my first pairs of Doc Martens


Every bridesmaid dress I’ve worn (and my wedding dress – not pictured)  I even have shoes to match some of these.
(Sorry – Didn’t feel like displaying these – so bad picture)


The dresses I wore to both my high school and college graduation


Overalls – short and long (praying someday these will come back in fashion – love them!!)


Hot Flops (a previous client of my husbands – will these ever be cool?)


Bell-bottoms from a 70’s theme party in college


“Devon” shorts.  Ugly – but they have the name of my dog on them (and the town I grew up in)


Foo Fighters Shirt (a very early gift from Steven – way too small now and see-through)


Happy Valley Shirt – A drinking town with a football problem – I need a new one – love this shirt!!


Random Russian Shirt (from my visit in 2003) no idea what it says or is for.


A sampling from EVERY 5K/Race I’ve ever run.  Proof that I used to run!


And my piggy bag.  Awww!


What is lurking in the back of your closet??  Thanks for stopping by today!


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3 responses to “The things we hang on to. #tbt

  1. Oh, we have just way too much junk… We promised each other when we moved last spring that by this point in time (meaning the new year) we would have our big closet, our garage and our storage unit cleared, sorted and actually have no need of having a storage unit now…. well… we visited our storage unit this week to put stuff in it! Yep, we really need to scale way down. Most of it is hubby’s stuff, I throw everything away if I haven’t used it or worn it in six months (well, not actually, do have some clothes I hang onto). Hubby is a huge pack rat though. I may have him read this post… hmmmm.

  2. Impressive! Especially the dresses you wore for your graduations! I finally just got rid of the skirt I wore for my college graduation this past summer, so not far behind you 🙂 You had me smiling. I think we can all relate.


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