Book Review: The Girls at the Kingfisher Club by Genevieve Valentine

The Girls at the Kingfisher Club
by Genevieve Valentine
Available to public 6/3/14
Provided free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Finish Time: 7 nights.  I’ve always enjoyed books about the roaring 20’s, thus why I was drawn to this particular book.  It’s about a wealthy family, the Hamilton’s, in Manhattan consisting of a father and his 12 daughters.  The mother passed away and their father has basically banished them to fend for themselves on the top floor of their home with little or no communication, except for through the eldest sister, Jo, aka “The General.”  Many of them have actually never even met their father.

As you could imagine, sounds like an awful situation for 12 girls in the prime of their lives, I think their ages were 14-27 at the time of the story.  So they began sneaking out almost every night to hit up the local speakeasies (actually they began when Jo was 19).  Never giving out their real names, and careful not to get recognized, the sisters become known as the twelve princesses around town.


The book begins with introductions of the sisters, detailing some of their adventures, and how they ended up at their “home”, the Kingfisher Club.  It was interesting but it took about a third of the way into the book to hit the story line and figure out where the story was going.  The girl’s father decides that it is time to clear house and begin marrying the girls off through a series of dinner party introductions.  This comes after he becomes suspicious of the girls and places and ad in the local paper for any information regarding these “princesses” and offers compensation in exchange.

From there the action picks up and does not disappoint.  While Jo is the main character, the author did a surprisingly good job at introducing the reader to all the sisters, and by the end I think I could name all 12 for you (maybe not in order but close!)  You got a glimpse at each of their personalities, through dances they enjoyed, company they chose to keep, and how others perceived them.  It was fun to think about the reactions of others as 12 girls entered the clubs each night.

The action peaks towards the end and the last few chapters were quite intense.  I thought the book ended well and definitely left it open to a sequel (or many.)  Which I would enjoy as there are so many possibilities with this group of girls.  Glad I was able to preview – look for it in June!

And here are just a few fun images of the 20’s – looks glamorous  doesn’t it?

 enjoy-drink-nyc-speakeasy.gif images


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