Garden Lights, Holiday Nights

We kicked off the Christmas season at the Member Premiere night at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this past Thursday night!  See details of our last visit here – so much fun – we joined the “elite” group of members!  For my mom’s (aka Grandma’s) birthday, the kids and I surprised her with an early dinner at Loca Luna, and one of the very first walks through the garden this holiday season!  (And got to cross off an item on my Christmas Bucket List!)

This is the third year of the Garden Lights, Holiday Nights, and seems to be improving with time.  Last time we went was in November of 2011, right before our LM was born (see my big belly below).  I think it may have opened earlier then (as you can see many of the pictures are still in daytime!), but this year – it was all dark, which made it all the more magical!

Here is a peak at the layout of the garden and a few fun things going on that night.  I believe there are more events going on throughout the season too – check those out on their webpage.  But the carolers were great to put Christmas songs in their air and really get you in the spirit.  The ice carver had a large crowd around him as he chainsawed a train.  And the kids (not ours this year) could make s’mores over an open fire and make crafts in the Orchid Center.  I packed the kids a “cleaner” version of s’mores – graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate chips – in a bag!

01-photo (3) 1-photo (5)

It wasn’t too crowded and we really enjoyed strolling along all the different paths throughout the garden and inside the buildings.  It’s a lot of walking, and while the kids wanted to walk themselves some, the double stroller definitely came in handy!

06-IMG_0611 02-IMG_0605

LL was a bit disappointed that many of the topiaries from our last visit were taken down – but they kept the snakes and the Garden Goddess – which were very pretty!  (I think some of the snake’s lights are out here though!)

1-IMG_0643 04-IMG_0607 03-IMG_0606

A definite favorite of the kids was the dancing lights.  Here is a glimpse of them dancing to the “snoopy song!”  These as mesmorizing and a lot of fun!


The indoor areas were a lot of fun to walk through too, especially the Radiant Rainforest.  I didn’t get any  pictures there except this one with Grandma in front of the big Poinsettia Tree.


We ended our visit with a trip to the model train display.  This was fun for the kids to watch.  This, and the ride-on train coming soon, may warrant another day visit.  With LM’s train birthday coming up – I want him to be super excited!

Here are a few more pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And I’ll leave you with this quote etched above the outdoor fireplace.

Not what we have, but what we enjoy constitutes our abundance.


Thanks for stopping by – check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens – Garden Lights, Holiday Nights – you won’t be disappointed!  (And I hope Grandma had a fun birthday – Happy Birthday Mom!)


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5 responses to “Garden Lights, Holiday Nights

  1. Mom

    I had an awesome birthday!! I love the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and I love Christmas! AND I especially love my family so this was the trifecta of birthday gifts!!! Thanks to my beautiful daughter and grandchildren for a spectacular birthday!!

  2. thanks for this… will have to tell my daughter about this as she and her boyfriend are spending Christmas with his family in the Atlanta area.

  3. Nothing better than being with your family while getting some fresh air in a beautiful place (especially when the outing is followed by a hot cup of tea to warm the hands!). Lovely post. And thank you for visiting happylittlesigh! I hope you were blessed and that you’ll come again. May you know the nearness and peace of our good God through Christmas and into the new year. ~ Avonlea,


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