Kids Book Review: Angels by Lumbard & Weedn

by Alexis York Lumbard  (Author) , Flavia Weedn (Illustrator)
This book was received free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Cute book.  Pretty pictures.  Good message, but would have liked more of a religious message.  (Hopefully “way up there” is alluding to heaven.)  The book actually sent me on a search through the Bible on what it says about angels.  And that is a lot!  I saw that angels are referenced 273 times.  And in tons of songs (like this one here.)  Probably better inspiration for another post, but always a good sign when I book prompts further investigation (at least for me!)  Probably good for kids as well, as long as their parents have the answers.  Thank goodness for Google (and the Bible.)

I’ll leave that discussion with one bible verse (Psalm 68:17 KJV) and maybe revisit this topic later on my blog.  But simply wanted to mention there could be a perceived “missed” opportunity to not add God into the book.  But then again it opened the door for a whole other conversation with my daughter, so not necessarily a bad thing.


Back to the book.  Although I read it online, I love when hard copy books have a dedication page, as books are such treasured gifts and I always write a message if I give a book as a gift!  Beautiful artwork, not a lot of words, make it perfect for little ones.  Love the rhymes and prose of the book.  And overall a very cute book.

Although I believe angels can come in any form, people, animals, and a lot of times they are invisible and only felt, the book makes them more glamorous (for lack of a better word.)  Shiny, bright, flying.  But gets back to my point, they can come in any shape, size, form.  (As we talked more, my LL pointed out that our “puppy dog” sleeps with her at night and is her angel!)

I liked it, it was short, like a perfect young children’s book should be, so I don’t have too much else to add (and I’ve already way over-analyzed a children’s book!)

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