Messy Morning

1-IMG_0532I’ve been loving many of the mom blogs I have recently found (many through BloggyMoms) that are devoted to activities with/for your little ones (see a very short list below).  Don’t get me wrong, we do our share of arts/crafts/games/activities over here, but every once in a while I get motivated to get a little dirty!  (For those of you who don’t know me – I’m a pretty organized, Type A person, so this is a big step for me!)

Thanks to these 4 sites for mutual likes, for the encouragement to try some new activities with me kids, and for constantly coming up with new things!  It’s so easy to get started looking at one of their blogs, then get directed to another, and another, and forget where you started!  The blogging community, I’m learning, is an amazing one, full of great connections.  So check out these sites and they will open up a whole new world of not only activities – but new blogs too!  So thank you all for great blogs – I’ve enjoyed them so far and still have lots I want to try!

P is for Preschooler
Where Imagination Grows
Wildflower Ramblings
Happily Ever Mom

After some time browsing online, I laid out the big checkered plastic table cloth I picked up awhile back (for just this type of day!), put a smock on LL, took off LM’s shirt, and set to work.


I did 3 activities, which I don’t have a specific link for, as I kind of combined them from common sensory activities found around different blogs.

1.  Some sort of play dough/cloud dough.  I saw one that was just cornstarch and oil, but I didn’t have enough cornstarch, so I saw another that used flour, so I combined cornstarch, flour, oil, and then LL even added in a few little containers of play dough we found around the house.  I’ve made my own “official” play dough before, so that wasn’t my goal here.  My goal was simply to create a “product” that felt different and see where it took the kids.  LL definitely had more fun with it.  LM just wanted to throw it.  (And Baxter just wanted to eat it!)

2.  Sensory bottles.  Again, there are a million different ways to do these as well.  I opted for a few plastic containers I had in recycling, add in water, a little soap, food coloring, then whatever I could find to put in – rocks/pom-poms/toys/beads (I did wish I had glitter though!)

3.  Lastly, the tried and true finger paint.  Usually done outside (see chalk paint here from over the summer), and a bit of painting here from last February, it was raining out (thus another good excuse to find activities inside!) so I held my breath and gave it a try.  They do say they are waterproof – right!?
I tried the baggie approach again but LM wanted nothing to do with it.  So they used fingers, brushes, q-tips, and whatever else we could find around the kitchen to paint with.  LL also found some squeezable t-shirt glitter paint I had stocked away – so she had fun with that too.

About an hour later (which I would have sworn should have been 4 after all that work), I put projects out to dry, shook out the table-cloth, cleaned up the kids, and went on to paint some toes, listen to some Pandora, eat lunch, then nap time (blog time) for us all!


Thanks to all the bloggers out there that come up with these crafts for our little ones.  Next time I think I’ll plan a little ahead and maybe tackle something harder.  But the kids had fun, maybe learned/felt/did something new and that is all that matters!  Please let me know of your kids favorite activities!

3-IMG_0534So blessed and thankful for each day, each hour, and each minute I get to spend with these 2!


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8 responses to “Messy Morning

  1. Mom

    Wow! You sure are a busy mom! Your kiddos are very lucky 🙂 !!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out. If something on my blog inspired you, then you just made my day! The great thing is, you don’t even have to try something harder. You saw how much fun they had with just simple finger paint. (And very wise to put a tablecloth underneath them. I had to learn that the hard way!)

  3. What a fun day!! Thanks for linking and the mention! Glad you found some inspiration from my blog too! There’s so many great ideas out there! 🙂 Even with all the more in-depth or ‘advanced’ projects/activities I try things like shaving cream, finger painting (all painting ends up as finger painting in our house), and any playdough variation are always a favorite.

    Great idea to use the table cloth! I have a stockpile of shower curtain liners from the dollar store that work great too!

    Love the toenails! I’m still trying to convince my nearly 2 year old it’s fun, she stares at me like I have two heads and is convinced there’s something sinister about nail polish! lol!

    • Ofcourse! We were actually looking for shaving cream yesterday but didn’t have any. But you all give such great ideas that I have a mental list of some things to have on hand for days like that! Keep it up – love it!

  4. Thank you so much for mentioning me! I love that you had a messy morning with your kids – I think I’m going to have to call it that with my kids as well! 🙂


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