Pumpkins, Princesses, and Pirates!


Hope you had a Happy Halloween!  October was a busy month that topped off yesterday with Halloween!  So much fun was had at pumpkin patches, botanical gardens, local parks, airshows and ferris wheels, walks outside, and reliving Halloweens past!

This past week we picked out our pumpkins from the local fire station:03-IMG_0352

And carved them: (found this fun website with lots of stencils here)

05-IMG_0427 06-IMG_042909-IMG_0454

We had a fun neighborhood pumpkin carving party too – complete with a hayride!
102713 102713-2

And roasted the seeds:  (I clean them, let them dry out overnight, then bake at a low temp for an hour with some olive oil, cayenne pepper, and garlic salt!)


On Wednesday at the kid’s school, they had a parade of all the little ones, followed by a sing-a-long of Halloween songs, and completed with a party!

12-IMG_0469 13-IMG_0478

On Halloween AM, we headed to MainStreet Newnan for a little trick-or-treating practice at all the local stores around the square.  Crazy busy, but great weather and a really fun time!

Then after naps, we headed to a good friend’s for dinner and MORE trick-or-treating.  Their neighborhood attracts a ton of traffic and lots of people go all out with decorating, so it was really fun.  Also LL enjoyed having one of her BFF’s to run around with!

On a side note – LM’s costume was probably my best thrift store score (say that 3 times fast!) ever.  I found it in September at Clothes Less Traveled for $6!!  Someone clearly spent a lot of time on it – the jacket was an Old Navy Pea Coat altered, as well as the pants too!  Probably the most compliments I’ve ever received on a costume – isn’t he cute!?

A really fun October, but really here in GA, we’ve only seen glimpses of Fall weather.  So looking forward to a great NOVEMBER, lots more fun in store, including a trip to the N. GA Mountains and Thanksgiving!

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. sounds delightful, thanks for sharing!


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