Book Review: Golden State by Michelle Richmond

Golden State
by Michelle Richmond
Releases 2/4/14
This book was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

Finish Time: 6 Nights.  This was a definite page-turner.  It’s the sort of book that presents the “almost-end” of the story first and then works its way back.  So the story jumps from present time, to earlier in that same day.  And actually includes a lot of back stories to understand how the characters got to the point they are.  I had so many questions as the book started; what is going on?  who is Ethan?  what did Heather do?  Who is Dennis? and what happened to him?  And the book answers all of them, in time.

The main character is Dr. Julie Walker and she begins the book with her pregnant, in labor, sister Heather.  If that’s not enough drama, throw in protests throughout the city of San Francisco and a hostage situation.  And on top of all of that many little mysteries (or rather facts not yet revealed) the author includes to keep those pages turning.

The protests shutting down the city throughout the day revolve around the possible succession of California from the United States.  An interesting premise and as the story began, I thought there would be more political discussion on this topic.  But there was just enough for me, as that is not always a huge interest to me (and I also worry about getting turned off by extreme political views.)

I also enjoyed that Julie’s (soon-to-be-ex) husband, Tom, is a radio show host and certain songs he plays are almost the soundtrack to the book, and most of them spur memories for Julie which continue to build her character throughout the book.  While we actually never meet Tom in the book, he is easily pictured through Julie’s memories and descriptions of him.

So much packed into this book, I feel I could go on about all the characters you meet and what you learn from them, but you’ll just have to read it!  Lastly, I loved the overall message.  (I can’t quote the book because this is an advance copy) But basically we shouldn’t let our past define us, but we must always carry it with us and let it help who we will be moving forward.  Julie came from a rough background and even after she overcame that, still had some bad stuff happen to her.  She could choose to let it consume her and carry those raw emotions, but life is too short and precious and she learns that need to move forward.

Great book – check it out in February!

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  1. Excited that Michelle Richmond herself stopped by my Goodreads Page and sent me a message thanking me for my review! Love hearing from authors!


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