Dogs of Halloween Past

No dogs were harmed in the making of this post.  If you know anything about me and my husband (especially pre-kids, and now with kids) is that we are crazy dog people.  Our dogs are spoiled rotten, so please don’t go calling animal control on us, as we have (now) 3 of the most loved dogs in the whole world!

Fortunately for Baxter, he has yet to be subjected to a costume, but unfortunately for Devon and Zevon, I have 9 years worth of photos to embarrass them.  They are such good dogs and good sports and I promise, were never forced into any of these – if anything it earned them more attention!

It was fun looking through past photos, not all are Halloween, but all involve our dogs in some sort of get up.  Many more great memories and topics came to mind too, but let’s start with this one and stay tuned for more!

I hope you enjoy as well!

Here’s some Halloweens past:  (I regret that I don’t have Devon’s very first Halloween which happens to be the first time I met my hubby Steven.  Devon was dressed up as a little hula dancer with a Hawaiian shirt and grass skirt!)




New Years 2012:


Winter 2010:
14-IMG_1840        06-IMG_1220

Easter 2011:

4th of July 2012:
24-IMG_0832 22-IMG_0734

02-DSCF0219 25-IMG_1446

Fun with Kids:

Other Fun Times:

Thanks for stopping by.  We love our dogs and hope that came through in all these pictures I have fun pulling together.  There is only one other thing in this life that compares to the unconditional love of dogs…the unconditional love of our Father above and I truly believe He placed dogs on this earth to give us a small glimpse of His love for us!  Amen!

And check out this video/past post here too!


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3 responses to “Dogs of Halloween Past

  1. Love this! We have to wrestle our little dog to put a bow tie around his collar for the holidays. He fusses and then once it is on he struts about like he is the most handsome dog ever… which we think he is. The bow tie is all he ever wears and only from the beginning of December until we wrestle it off at the new year.

  2. Mom

    This was fun to see all the fun get ups you’ve put on your babies!! A nice trip down memory “lane”

  3. ohmydogblog

    Awww! So cute! I’m a sucker for a dog in a costume…


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