Just because He may not answer doesn’t mean He don’t care…

…some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.  Beautiful song by Garth Brooks.  It’s been around for a while and it always comes to mind when one door is closed and I’m waiting for another to be opened.  See the lyrics at the end of the post.

It’s been a long week, I think we are all fighting off allergies, kids aren’t sleeping well (I’m not sleeping well), and we’re still in that period of waiting and unknowns I think I blogged about a few weeks back.  And it’s just got me thinking about prayers.

I’m not sure how you pray, but I try to be general when I pray to avoid an answer I don’t want.  I don’t think that always works. I pray for patience, answers, peace, comfort, an open-heart, an open-mind, a servant attitude, Your will to be done.  But is that what I really want?  Sometimes yes, but God knows the inner-most desires of our heart and will give us those.  Really?  I guess sometimes what your mind says and what your heart wants can be different, but ultimately HE knows what HE is doing and we need to trust.

Psalm 37:4 says: (print found on etsy – click to check it out!)

Are the periods of waiting God preparing us for what is next?  Maybe the build up will make us more appreciative?  Maybe He just doesn’t think we are ready (even though we may think we are?)  Maybe there is something AMAZING waiting for us, but it’s another year out?  Who knows?  Well God does and we are to be obedient and wait and TRUST that He will come through.  He always does and always will.

“But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me.” Micah 7:7

So maybe unanswered prayers is not the correct term, rather not-the-answer-I-hoped-for-but-God’s-right-answer to my prayers.  Mark 11:24 says:

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Keep on praying, trusting, and loving, and God will reveal His amazing plans for you.  They may not have been what you planned for but they will be what HE planned for and will most likely be even better.  I know I can look at my past and be thankful for many prayers that were answered very differently than I had in mind, but for much better!  What about you?  Have a great week – Amen!

Here is the referenced song, I really just like the chorus and his realization at the end:

Unanswered Prayers
by Garth Brooks (it doesn’t appear his version is available anywhere to download except for buying the CD)

Just the other night a hometown football game
My wife and I ran into my old high school flame
And as I introduced them the past came back to me
And I couldn’t help but think of the way things used to be

She was the one that I’d wanted for all times
And each night I’d spend prayin’ that God would make her mine
And if he’d only grant me this wish I wished back then
I’d never ask for anything again

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers 
Remember when you’re talkin’ to the man upstairs 
That just because he doesn’t answer doesn’t mean he don’t care 
Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers 

She wasn’t quite the angel that I remembered in my dreams
And I could tell that time had changed me
In her eyes too it seemed
We tried to talk about the old days
There wasn’t much we could recall
I guess the Lord knows what he’s doin’ after all

And as she walked away and I looked at my wife
And then and there I thanked the good Lord
For the gifts in my life

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers

Remember when you’re talkin’ to the man upstairs
That just because he may not answer doesn’t mean he don’t care
Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered

Some of God’s greatest gifts are all too often unanswered…
Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers


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3 responses to “Just because He may not answer doesn’t mean He don’t care…

  1. Have you been lurking around my mind and prayer time?? I am going through the same thing. Had a prayer time this week and felt like I heard the Lord say, Stay Put. I figured it was me. Then I had a scripture I felt like I really needed to look up, it was Jeremiah 6:10, “To whom can I give warning? Who will listen when I speak?
    Their ears are closed, and they cannot hear. They scorn the word of the Lord. They don’t want to listen at all.” (New Living Translation). So, I went back to the words, Stay Put. I looked that up, it means to remain in a fixed or established position or challenge. I am going to believe for now, that is my answer to prayer. Not the one I thought it would be, not an easy answer, but an answer nonetheless. I understand this post and I know that waiting is hard. May you find peace in the midst of waiting. We have been going through a season for over two and half years now, and to hear that I need to stay put makes me want to lay down and throw a tantrum… Thanks for this, DAF


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