GIVEAWAY & Book Review: Melody of Secrets by Jeffrey Stepakoff

The Melody of Secrets
By Jeffrey Stepakoff
This book was provided to me free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review


Finish Time: 4 Nights.  Yet another opportunity to review a book pre-release!  Fun!  AND what is even better is you can check it out too!  Fill out the entry form below and I will select one random winner to receive a hard copy of this book sent directly too them from the publisher!  Win-win for all of us!

This was a great story of a young woman, Maria, a German citizen, later relocated to Alabama, US between the years 1945-1957.  The story begins as Maria, also an acclaimed violinist, is playing her violin to escape the sound of bombs going off around her house, when an American soldier, James Cooper, appears in her house.  The story then bounces back and forth between 1945 Germany and present day (1957) Alabama.  The author did a wonderful job of going back at forth at pertinent times so the reader could get immediate insight into the history behind a present day emotion or reaction.  Maria is such a likable main character.  She has an amazing heart and that comes through the pages and I felt like I was right there with her through the story.

The book hits upon both Nazi Germany at its peak, and later segregation in the American South.  I thought both of these topics were addressed with sincerity from Maria and approached in a manner respectful to the reader, thus not causing any reason for debate or controversy.  Not being a history buff, I believe the main facts presented in the story were historical truth with fictional characters woven in.  Your typical historical fiction and my favorite genre to read.

Present day, in the story, Maria’s German rocket scientist husband Hans, is stationed in Alabama and recently been commissioned to help the American’s build a rocket to get into space.  The story is part mystery as Maria, with the help of James and some friends, discover who she is really married to and how she needs to handle that information.  And part romance as her initial meeting of James Cooper is recounted and how they pick up where they left off 12 years prior when they coincidentally cross paths again.  I also really enjoyed the details of Maria’s music, as her town was getting ready to launch its own orchestra with Maria on first violin.  There is also a fun story-line involving the violin which was an added bonus.

No spoilers about the ending, but the only way I can think of describing it was that I appreciated it.  Kind of weird wording I know.  Again I won’t give it away and I won’t elude to whether it was predictable or not or whether it was how I wanted it to end or not, but it was ended well.  I’d love to chat about it – so send me a message if you read it and want to discuss!  Overall a great read, covering many topics, time well spent!

Simply enter your name, email address, blog (if applicable), and “GIVEAWAY” in the form below.  I will select 1 (ONE) random winner, I will announce first name only on here and then send you a direct email to get your mailing address for the publisher to send you a hard copy directly!  Easy as pie!  Giveaway ends NOON (12pm) EST on Friday October 11th.

Thanks and good luck!!

Thank you everyone for entering.  Congrats to Michelle to winning a copy of this not-yet-released book!  Stay tuned for more!

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