Book Review: Flash and Dazzle by Lou Aronica

Flash and Dazzle
by Lou Aronica
This book was provided to me free by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Finish time: 3 nights.  And just to toot my own horn (as this probably is not a big deal, but makes me feel cool!), this book isn’t released until November 5th, 2013!  I feel so “in-the-know” lately, as I also got to preview THIS AMAZING ALBUM before it was released to the public too!

I really enjoyed this author’s writing style.  If I wrote a book, I would imagine it would be similar to this style (although that will never happen as I lack the creative juices to do so.)  I’m not sure if this fits into the genre of “chick-lit”, but I’m considering passing it along to my husband to fact-check as I was surprised by the amount of detail it went into marketing/advertising agencies (as this is how he began his career!).  Not bad, but just put me off at first and I had to look back at the description because that didn’t sound like a book I would choose.  But it built up the story and the history and current positions of the characters.  And from what Steven (my husband) has told me, it actually appears to be pretty accurate!  Which is a good thing as I’ve been frustrated in books before about the lack of research on simple subjects!

The story follows Rich and Eric, who early in their advertising career were dubbed “Flash & Dazzle.”  The book explores the highs and lows of their friendship and careers (as they happen to be business partners too.)  And then the ultimate low for one of the friends.  On a side note – it also made my mouth water with the vivid descriptions of their meals each night from various Manhattan restaurants!

I love this excerpt from the description:

What happens when everything you thought was true changes all at once? What happens when each relationship that means anything to you suddenly becomes far more real than you ever thought it would be? What happens when every moment becomes invaluable as all of them pass far too quickly?

An unlikely story, of two guys nonetheless, to really warm your heart, maybe hold some people a little closer, and live each moment to the fullest.  Check it out – you’ll be glad you did!

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  1. thanks for the review, I will keep my eyes open to read it.


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