Book Update: Elizabeth Street and The Dr. Pepper Prophecies

I have been reading.  Just nothing to shout about.  I know I promised good back and ugly, so I’ll do a quick recap now.

Dr. Pepper Prophecies by Jennifer Gilby Roberts.  I read this is 2 days.  It was merely a “filler” between 2 heavier books.  It was a fluffy, chick-lit novel.  Quick, easy, somewhat entertaining, still don’t understand the name.  Free (ofcourse!), but nothing to shout about.  I”ll leave it at this.

Elizabeth Street by Laurie Fabiano.  Back to my favorite genre of historical fiction, this was actually based on the true story of the authors family.  They immigrated from Italy in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s.  Tons of detail and a very long book.  I really did enjoy it, I just felt there was almost too much detail, so after 2+ weeks of reading a book, I was ready for it to be over.  Thoroughly researched and no detail missed, you got a great feel about the Italian-American culture in that time period, and were thankful to not be a part of it.  It was very interesting what gangs/mafia/whatever were able to get away with and what the early American police force could not control.  A love story was woven in, and towards the middle it was quite the mystery.  The pages turned quickly as I couldn’t wait to find out what happened.  A terrifying part of American history, yet told in a very profound way.  If you have some time, you won’t be disappointed.

Now I’m juggling a book for a small group I am in:

A light, chick-lit read:

And I’m very excited to find a new website (Net Galley) and be accepted to to get even more free books to review – most of them new releases or maybe not even released yet!  Here is my first one (review coming soon!)

And I still have this one from BookSneeze that I keep forgetting about:

My plate is full (of books) – but that is a good thing!  Stay tuned for hopefully some great book reviews!

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