Book Review: Some Kind of Wonderful by Barbara Freethy

Some Kind of Wonderful
By Barbara Freethy
Downloaded Free on 8/29/13

Finish Time: 4-5 nights.  As you can see in my book update post, I’m juggling a few books right now.  I had finished Elizabeth Street prior to starting this one and needed something much shorter and lighter.  Looking back, I apparently pick a lot of this author’s books, and didn’t even realize it until now.  I think this is the first for the blog though.  She writes a mean description that always ropes me in!

This one is the story of single-reporter Matt.  Raised in a broken family and estranged from his mother and sister, he is somewhat of a rags to riches story.  Now around 30 (I think – not sure if they ever mentioned his age), one night a baby,Emily, is left outside his apartment door.  He soon realizes this is his niece from his sister,Sarah, who he hasn’t seen in like 13-14 years and can’t seem to track down, even with the help of private investigators.  His previously quiet and unknown neighbor, Caitlyn, peeks out her door and quickly becomes entangled in this messy story.

Quite a beginning to set the scene and rope you in and the remainder doesn’t disappoint.  Nothing too deep, but a good light mystery as Matt pieces together his family and past.  A cute romance as Matt and Caitlyn quickly develop strong feelings for each other.  And throw in a 2-month old baby for some extra action!  I thought I recalled Freethy being a Christian writer, but other than a pastor being a small character and a few scenes in a church, that is not really the case.  (I think I am the one confused though with all the books I read!)

It has the happy ending (I don’t think I’m spoiling anything, as that is 99.9% the case in this type of book) and was a good lighter read.  Now back to my list – stay tuned!

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