It’s Devy weather!


“Devy weather” aka Devon weather is defined as the time when the mornings begin to get cooler and Devon, our boxer, gets a spring back in her step.  She wakes up with a purpose and mission and this really is her happiest time of year.  This will be her 10th fall with me since I adopted her in late summer 2004.  And without fail, each fall is the same thing.

The official start of fall is September 22nd but according to Devon, it’s been this week!  Although the final sign is still yet to come (but I’m sure it won’t be long.)  That is Devon sneaking into our bed at night for a little extra warmth.  (And our first sign of spring/summer is Devon not getting up into bed.)  Every year, as sure as pumpkin lattes and leaves falling, the sign of fall in our house is determined by one of our dogs.


Although the mornings are darker and I have a harder time getting out of bed, the dogs are up and ready to go outside by 6:30am (even earlier if Daddy is up at his usual 5:30am).  They promptly bolt back in to gobble down their breakfasts, then it’s go time.  All 3, this year, up from 2 last year, go back outside and go crazy.  It’s all play (I’ll try to get a video sometime), albeit rough play, that sometimes I worry that it wakes up the whole neighborhood (sorry!).  Once we are all up and at it, they bring the party inside for us all to enjoy.  This is actually the norm most days (in most seasons), but it used to be more Zevon and Baxter, now Devon is the ringleader.


It makes me so happy though.  As she is getting grayer/whiter, slowing down on our walks, and limping more often, to see this spark back in her eye is wonderful.  We look forward to many more walks (my typical set-up below), hikes, and hopefully a trip to the mountains or two to take full advantage of this weather.  Don’t get me wrong, we get outside a lot all year-long, but the fall just brings out the best in all of us, especially Devon!


So enjoy this cooler weather or as we call it here – Devy weather!  Much more to come on our adventures!

Do your dogs have any weird seasonal habits?  I’d love to hear about them!

1-DSCF0219This is Devon ready for adventure around 2 years old in 2005!
Devon ready for football season (and ahead the game back in 2005 here with her name on her jersey!)

dogs woods
And here’s to MANY more adventures with our Devy!

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  1. Mom

    I love Devy weather, too!!


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