Stay at home, Mother.

Hope everyone is having a great week!  If you’ve been around for awhile, you know that songs speak to me.  Particularly on Sundays – as I do a post each Sunday and include a particularly inspiring or timely song.  Today I’m driving with the kids and I hear this particularly timely and relevantly titled song “Stay at Home Mother” by Sheryl Crow.  AND I’m super excited because it just was released on Tuesday – so for once I can kind of claim to be in-the-know!  (I tend to discover songs about the same time as they are in every commercial and overplayed!)

I heard it on “The Highway“, one of my favorite SiriusXM radio stations and heard a brief clip (very brief – like pulled into the garage, kids screaming to get them out) where Sheryl was being interviewed about her new album “Feels Like Home” and particularly this song.  Saying it is a true story and she wishes things were different (what the songs says too).  It’s a play on the title many of us claim as a “Stay at home mother” (SAHM), from her daughter’s point of view saying “Stay at home, mother!”  Strong words and message if I do say so myself.

It just got me thinking a little (as many songs do), but this particular topic is such a widely debated one with some very strong opinions.  I’m curious to see if the song gets a strong response.  I’m not getting on a soapbox or even making an opinion on this topic of this song.  It’s a good song, catchy, and I think will evoke strong emotions in many.  It touched my heart and solidifies decisions I have made in my life and makes me think about the future. “I wish some things were different, Doesn’t change one memory” (full lyrics below)

BUT that is not to say all mothers should agree.  I think we all do what is best for us and our families.  For some it means staying home, others working full-time, and even more a combo of both.  Some do it by choice, others because they have to.  I think we all need to do what we need to do and be confident in that.  No one knows you and your family and what is right for you other than YOU.  Love your kids, make the most of any and all time you have with them.  In a mom-to-mom bible study recently, we discussed the time you spend with kids, and how it should be quality over quantity.  This song hits that dead-on with the lyric “She could have a house and couple kids, and never have to be involved, as a stay at home mother.”  You could be home all day, but do you make the most of that time?

So just a quick post for all the moms out there –  listen to this song, I think you’ll like it and I think it will get you thinking.  Keep on keeping on, loving God, loving your kids, loving your husband (if applicable), and not caring what anyone else thinks or says.  YOU ARE THE BEST AND ONLY MOM YOUR KIDS WILL EVER HAVE – make it count! (Again not on a soapbox, I’m writing this as a reminder to myself more than anything!)

Amen – have a great day!

Sheryl Crow
Stay at Home Mother

Riding in the backseat, sipping on a Pepsi
Looking out the window, driving to the bus stop together
I tell her only three sleeps and I’ll be right back
And then we’re gonna have a good time when I come together

And I call her every single night
I’ll miss her every day
And if she kissed me and waved goodbye
I could hear her say

Stay at home, mother
Stay at home
Stay at home, mother
Stay at home

I’ve been working late nights making up for the times
That I wasn’t in the crowd cheering out loud at our school plays
Tickets to a circus, maybe a new bike
I just want her to know that I love her more than working all day

But the price will never measure up
To what’s inside a box
While I run along around the world
She tells me to stop

And stay at home, mother
Stay at home
Stay at home, mother
Stay at home

We could play house and pretend
That tomorrow you won’t be gone
Stay at home, mother
Stay at home

I wish some things were different
Doesn’t change one memory
My little girl grew up
While I was too busy to see
That she’s become the one thing
That I could never be

Stay at home, mother
Stay at home
Stay at home, mother
Stay at home

She could have a house and couple kids
And never have to be involved
As a stay at home mother
Stay at home mother
Stay at home….

IMG_3681Couldn’t do a mom post without a picture of me with my babies.
Another good lesson from bible study this week –


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2 responses to “Stay at home, Mother.

  1. Thanks for sharing this song – and your thoughts. I agree – as a stay at home mom myself, I still think every mom has to make their own best decision for their family. But the song still brings up all those questions – whether you stay at home or not – are you making the most of your time? Thanks friend!


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