God Made a Dog.

This is one of those videos that reminds me where my passions lie.  I get goosebumps from watching this (Thank you Oh My Dog Blog for sharing!)  Dogs are simply amazing creatures.  Filled with so much love yet don’t expect much in return.  Sound familiar?

I’ve always liked that DOG is GOD backwards, another coincidence?

So I just thought I would share for my fellow dog lovers out there.   I’m taking this as another sign to keep on figuring out how I can speak for these amazing creature who cannot, as I know that is part of what God has put me here to do.

March 2013 (169)


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3 responses to “God Made a Dog.

  1. ohmydogblog

    So, I’m woefully behind on my blog reading, so I’m truly sorry I’m just now poking around your site. I am right there with you… that video made me CRY the first time I watched it. It’s just lovely and (I think) pretty close to true! 🙂 Anyway, I’m so glad I found your blog. Thank you so much for linking to me. I can’t wait to poke around and see what else you’re writing about! (BTW, the Proverb you quote on your Canine page… one of my FAVORITE, especially as it relates to animal welfare.)

    • Thanks for checking me out! Been loving your blog. My blog can be all over the place as I’m using it to try and organize my life. But dogs are truly a passion placed directly on my heart and I’m hoping to find a way to put that into action – speaking for those who cannot! So I’m greatly encouraged and also amused by your blog and life with 3 pups! Look forward to lots more 🙂


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