Finding my purpose versus living with purpose

You talk a lot about purpose. How does someone find their purpose?

One of the worst things people can do is try to find their purpose in life. Not only does it put tremendous pressure on you, but it also paralyzes you and prevents you from starting on anything else. The problem is that we think our purpose has to be perfect and that we only get one.

I’m not a fan of finding your purpose, I’m a fan of living with purpose. Purpose is not a final destination. You don’t have to know the finish line before you cross the starting line. Purpose is attracted to motion, and if you start where you are you’ll probably encounter purpose when you least expect it.

From original article/interview here:

My response:

When I read this on Money Saving Mom’s blog yesterday, it felt like a slap in the face.  I don’t like being told that I am doing “one of the worst things.” I’m not putting my life on hold to find my purpose (do people do that?)  I’m not discouraged that I haven’t figured it out yet (or maybe I have and don ‘t know it?).  I believe I am where God wants me to be at this time in my life.  But I do believe God has created us all for a purpose (or many).  What I am trying to do is figure out what strengths, passions, and interests God has given me, and then use them!   In everything I do I try to glorify God and love my neighbors.   Maybe my purpose is that simple, but it can’t help to try and organize my life and see if something shakes out!  He created me to be Type A, compulsive, and over-analyzing, so I can only believe that this blog is just the next step in living out my calling.  I think living with purpose is a great way to put it, so maybe I’ll adopt that wording going forward.  I don’t plan on having a final “THIS IS IT” moment (a destination) and then stop and I don’t feel paralyzed along the way.  I know my faith is constantly evolving and God will always be working in me and through me.  I guess I just want to document it and maybe encourage a few others along the way.

As always I refer back to Jeremiah 29:11 (cute Etsy picture shown above). God has plans for every one of us to prosper, and give us hope and a future.  Resting in that along is awesome, knowing that I am living out those plans is/will be amazing!

That all being said, I think I will try to get my hands on a copy of Jon Acuff’s latest book:

Sounds like a good guide on my quest to LIVE OUT MY PURPOSE!  Maybe that slap yesterday was just a little nudge to look at what I am doing.  I have days that are more frustrating that others, but I do feel I live with purpose.  Right now my purpose just happens to be my family, and while that will never change I’m excited to find out what else will be added to that along my journey on earth!

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