Boys will be boys. Observations of my 1 year old boy.


After raising a girl first for 2 years, I have some observations on this little messy, stinky, boy we have been so blessed with.  I will preface saying I wouldn’t trade him for the world, but thought I would make a list of his “boy” traits.  Maybe you can relate?  (or add a few?)  I know it will only get longer with time and this is nothing, but it’s been amusing us and maybe you will find it that way too!

  • I tell him no, he does it again with a smile.
  • He answer all questions with a no (and a smile.)
  • Chases the dogs around with strollers, shopping carts, push toys, anything! (Yes – he pushing Hulk in the pink baby stroller!)IMG_3612
  • While pushing aforementioned shopping cart, went full speed (while laughing and smiling) into laundry room with 3 dogs eating dinner, needless to say – they ran, jumped, scattered.  Boy got knocked over and has scratches to prove it.  (Tried it again the next night too.)
  • Chases dogs with sticks.
  • Pulls dogs ears & tails.
  • Throws things at dogs.  (Sensing a pattern here? Poor pups – never been hurt and we don’t let it happen if we catch it on time.  But they still adore each other!)
  • IMG_3599 IMG_3615
  • Climbed before walking.
  • Thought it was a good idea to stand on the handle on the drawer below the oven, then hold onto the oven door.  Luckily – the oven was not on, but the door opened and he fell backwards.
  • Seems genuinely sad and waives bye-bye when I put a diaper on him.  (I’ll hold off on elaborating any more about his fascination with what is below the diaper!)
  • Places fingers in any and all orifices.  (Nose is current favorite, followed by eyes and ears, both his own and the dogs)
  • First instinct is to throw, bang, or eat anything given to him.
  • Often walks around with said object ready to be thrown at the first dog or whatever crosses his path.
  • IMG_3531Practices extreme pouting, including throwing things or himself on the ground (face-down), or hiding in a corner and saying “no”.
  •  051413 (3)
  • Once diaper is removed and he is put into bath, first instinct is to pee-pee, usually on his sister.  Again does it with a huge grin.
  • Pulls sisters pigtails, ponytails, dresses, basically has figured out how to get a rise out of her. (But still loves to hug her and want to do everything she does)
  •  IMG_3606
  • Trucks, planes, cars, anything with wheels – he is immediately drawn to.
  • And this isn’t a “boy” thing more as having a boy after a girl, but 2 of I’d say his first 10 words included “Rella” (as in Cinderella whenever he sees a pretty girl) and “mermaid”, you know that one.

All these things just confirm my unconditional love for him and just that that love is different than that to my little girl.  (Not saying little girls don’t do any of these things – mine just didn’t!)  After he torments the dogs, I can say to him “give them a hug” (see video at bottom) and he goes and hugs and kisses them (same with his sister.)  He still loves to cuddle and one smile and “mama” make my heart melt instantly.  I’m sure as he grows up and those cute baby toes get much stinkier (and bigger) and he turns into more of a boy, I’ll find more differences and more things to love.  But for now, I just wanted to capture a tiny picture of life with my silly, adventurous, crazy baby boy!  I am so blessed to get to spend every day with him and his sister and have the best job in the world!

(Disclaimer:  If you know me – you know how unbelievably spoiled our 3 dogs are and are never hurt- these observations are meant to be funny and our dogs are no worse for the wear, and if anything they are more loved that ever!)  Check out video at the end!

A few more favorites from July/August:


IMG_3500 IMG_3545  

   IMG_3477 IMG_3479

Thanks for reading – would love to hear your little boy stories too!


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6 responses to “Boys will be boys. Observations of my 1 year old boy.

  1. Mom

    This was so fun to read!!! Loved it!!

  2. Aunt Emily

    he is so cute! love him!

  3. evandaestes

    Aw! This is the cutest!!!!! Love the video!– this sounds alot like my brother hahahaha he was always carrying around sticks and throwing things lol!

  4. casey henington

    great read! love the real raw emotion i get when i read your writing! boys are so funny!
    Xo Cooper and Molly!


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