Book Review: If the Shoe Fits by Sandra D. Bricker

If the Shoe Fits (click book for description)
by Sandra D. Bricker
Received free from Beth Bacall’s Book Club on the Fish Atlanta!

Finish Time: 2 days.  I am a frequent listener to 104.7 The Fish, usually in the AM when driving the kids to school (or wherever).  Often times the radio stays on into the afternoon when Ms. Beth Bacall comes on.  A few months ago, she announced a Summer Book Club where listeners would receive a free book in exchange for participating in an end-of-summer Google Hangout with her and the author of the book.  Perfect opportunity for me to receive another book to review on my blog and get to chat with the author!  I’ve been amazed and humbled by how many authors I have been able to connect with through this blog and Goodreads!

Back to the book.  It’s a sweet Christian love story loosely based around Cinderella (at least the premise of the glass slipper).  The book begins with the main character Julianne witnessing an “almost” accident of a mystery man rescuing a dog from being hit by a car (sounds like my kind of guy – and yes this is something my husband would do!)  He leaves behind his toolbox and a shoe!  So she places a personal ad.  I would have liked a little more build-up here or maybe some non-matches trying to win her affections.  But it was unclear what the personal said – I think it was just for the owner of the toolbox, but it would have been more romantic if it was written to find her “Prince Charming” – which she actually refers to this man as, and is hoping he will be as she has been unlucky in love thus far in her life.

After a day or so, Paul aka “Prince Charming”, comes to claim his toolbox and shoe.  And the story begins.  Also another main story going on is that Julianne and her BFF since childhood, Will, just opened up their very own law-firm, and are experiencing the joys and struggles of starting a new business.  It’s clear from the beginning that one member of this friendship has stronger feelings than the other.  We’ll leave it at that as an intro.

It was a cute, sweet read.  God is always at the center (or at least acknowledged that He should be) of their decisions.  Lots of praying for signs and interpreting signs (which I am all about).  Sometimes you just wanted to knock some sense into Julianne.  Will was a likable guy that you often sympathized with.  Paul was not likable.  There were many other colorful characters and side stories that kept the story moving along (premeditated pig murder anyone!?).  Nothing too deep, kind of predictable, very much a nice Christian, fiction, sometimes humorous book.  Would recommend if given or borrowed as a quick read.

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