Book Review: Finding Bliss by Dina Silver

Finding Bliss
by Dina Silver
July Amazon Prime Free Borrow

Finish time: 3 nights.  Quick, easy read.  I have been on such a good streak with good books, I feel I was due for an easy, less-fulfilling one.  I don’t like to be too negative, I just didn’t get anything out of this book (although I will admit my expectations weren’t high as I was looking for an easy read.)  It was a fine story that kept me interested and even turning the pages, but I didn’t care for the ending and I didn’t feel satisfied at the end.  Although I wasn’t completely satisfied with the ending of Inferno either, but I felt that book challenged me and maybe made me a little smarter with all the historical facts.

The book follows the life of Chloe through college and after.  It deals with her struggles with her mother, finding herself and career path, finding love, having success in some areas of her life while not in others, infertility, infidelity, becoming a parent, and I’m sure I’m missing some.  It made for a non-stop action packed read, but I felt touched on almost too many tough topics.

Tyler is the other “main” character that pops up at the beginning of the book, then establishes himself later on.  Not a likable character, I could picture him in my head as the privileged, popular, arrogant boy.  For the first third of the book I kept feeling like something was going to happen with him, it was an uneasy feeling, and I guess eventually it did, but it just set a bad taste in my mouth for him.  Maybe that was the point, but it was painful to watch (read) Chloe putting up with him.  Made me want to scream!

No money lost, just a few nights of reading time.  Probably would not recommend.  Now onto something a little tougher (we’ll see – you never know with free books!)

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