Book Review: Inferno by Dan Brown

Inferno by Dan Brown (click book for description)
(Borrowed from a friend – thank you!)

Finish time: 6 nights.  This is a page turner for sure (all 480 pages of it!).  Good book, keeps you interested and turning the pages, but the ending?  I won’t reveal anything – but can someone else read this and let me know what you think?  I’m not sure I’m settled with it, is all I can say, and it has me questioning the entire book and it’s premise.

That all being said and put aside, it’s a thriller for sure.  I found myself staying up later than usual to get to a decent point to stop for the night, but there weren’t many breaks in the action.  From the first page when Robert Langdon (same character as Dan Brown’s other books) wakes up not remembering the last few days, the action is non-stop.  There are twists and turns and you never know who you can trust.  Plenty of well-built characters that were so well described, I could picture them in my head.  I’ve never been to any of the places described in the book, but would love to now because the descriptions made them sound so beautiful.  (The vivid descriptions also described some not too pleasant images that I would rather forget!)

The story takes place in present day Europe, but is centered around a “puzzle” on Dante’s Inferno (from the 14th century) and Sandro Bottacelli’s artistic depiction of it (Map of Hell – see below).  I only vaguely recall Brown’s other books that I read so long ago (The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons), but I remember more of the codes and symbols.  While this book had puzzles (really just one big one), I didn’t feel as involved as I recall in the other books (as I enjoy puzzles and riddles).  Not a bad thing, maybe just not what I expected.  I don’t recall ever reading the Inferno, but the glimpse into Dante’s world is both fascinating and disturbing and a great topic for a novel.  (Real subject, fictional story – makes me feel a bit smarter!)

I could probably go on – but I will encourage you to read it, then let’s talk!  Or you can read the 7k+ reviews on Amazon if you want more info.  I have not read any yet – so not sure how mine measures up – but I hope it gave you a decent introduction.  Overall great read, no doubt about that, just left me thinking. (Which may not be a bad thing – but I need to discuss soon!)

Botticelli’s Map of Hell
Click here for a zoomable version. (Many more online too!)

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