Book Review: The House of Rose by Nita Welch Owenby

The House of Rose (click book for description)
By Nita Welch Owenby
The book was provided to me free by Book Hub, Inc. in exchange for an honest review

Finish time: 4 days.  It took me awhile to pick up this book.  I know the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but in this case, I was not a fan of the cover of this book.  I know it was an eBook too – so that’s even sillier.  So my expectations were low but I did finally pick it up on Saturday and began reading.  Wow – let me tell you, where as many books drag out introductions and setting the scene, this book throws you right in, to the deep end.  I felt a little put off with very intense action/drama thrown right at you, but I continued on and I am glad I did.

The main character of the book is Valee Rose, later known as Rose Wilde.  The book begins with her at the ripe young age of 14 and continues on into her mature adulthood.  The author does a great job not only at describing her physically, but conveys her emotional maturity and intelligence perfectly (or so I imagine!).  She is a very likable character.  The book follows Rose through downs and ups in her life, which for being in NC in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s – I could only imagine was a pretty exciting one compared to others. From being on the run and having to conceal her identity to becoming almost a heroine of her town (with a few stops along the way) the story never has you stop for breath and keeps you turning the pages.  She makes lasting impressions on everyone she meets, you wish you had crossed paths with her too!

I really enjoyed this book.  Not only were there so many twists and turns, but I just felt so connected to the characters and could not wait to find out what happened next.  And it never did seize to amaze or satisfy.  So I apologize to this book for initially putting it off, because I can truly say you will not be disappointed.  Great writing style, great characters, great story – this book has it all! (And seriously I will disclose again – it was given to me for a review – but if you look at my previous reviews – it takes a good book for me to rave on!)

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