Book Review: Passionate Mom by Susan Merrill (plus WIN THIS BOOK!)

The Passionate Mom By Susan Merrill (click on book for description)

BookSneeze® has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book (5/29/13)

Finish Time: 5-6 nights (although I was trying to juggle 2 books!).  I have to admit – other than a few pregnancy books with my 1st, this is the first parenting book I have ever read.  Why?  Maybe I think they will make me feel bad, or maybe I already do everything right (ha – just kidding!).  I just have not chosen parenting or self-help books to fill my time.  I very much believe that every family and child is different and what works for one will not work for another.  I definitely do not have everything figured out, and tend to shy away from those who think (or claim) they have.

That is NOT the case of this book, and I feel bad for making that stereotype.  Susan Merrill clearly states she doesn’t have it all figured out, that she has 5 very different kids who all have different needs/styles/triggers/whatever, and that that was her intent in writing this book.  She shares stories that I don’t think I would admit to, but as the reader are very much appreciated as it shows that she is not claiming to have the ONE trick that will make you a great mom (or that she is the perfect mom).  Rather, she uses the Bible, specifically the story of Nehemiah, to outline 10 principles (the 10 P’s) as the bricks to build the wall that parenting is.  A metaphor pulled right from Nehemiah (who actually did build a wall!).  Each chapter outlines that brick and the mortar you need to have that brick in your wall.  She uses examples from her own live, those of her friends, and other parts of the Bible, to thoroughly explain each “brick” that a passionate mom/parent should have in their wall.  Not only will these 10 P’s help in parenting – but really in any part of your life or any big (even small) decision/challenge you are facing.

I didn’t feel bad about myself at any point in the book.  I may have patted myself on the back a few times when I read something and was like “hey –  I do that!”  And made MANY mental notes about things I need to improve on, start doing, or keep in mind for when the kids grow up.  I really felt it catered to moms of kids of all ages.  I guess being a mom to little ones right now, I did get frustrated a few times when she mentioned that little kids, little problems, big kids, big problems.  I’m sure that may be true, that is just not where I am right now and the “little” problems I may have with my kids now, do seem bigger some days.  But maybe that is just God preparing us for the big stuff later, actually it probably is.

Towards the end I started to get a little sad.  Weird reaction – but as she discusses the “gates” that you as a mom (aka gatekeeper) will have to open one day for your kids.  Again being a mom to little ones – I cannot even grasp the thought of my babies dating, driving, using social media, but very important to know that YOU as a mom control the gate to these things and definitely some pointers to file away and something to develop an action plan for with my husband.

Overall a very worthwhile book, I did happen to see an article about it here that outlines the 10 P’s (I didn’t want to reveal too much in my review).  You will see good steps to approach any challenge or situation in life, taken straight from the Bible, but catered to the passionate mom!  Great read, recommend to all Christian moms!

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