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April showers bring….fresh strawberries!


I love fresh fruit.  Not only do we get the benefit of straight off the plant fruit, it is also an enjoyable outing for the kids and myself.  Yesterday, Danette from Mercy Drops and I headed over to Adams Farm in Fayetteville, GA, to pick some fresh strawberries.  A little bit of chill in the air meant we basically had the whole place to ourselves.  LL and I managed to pick 5.5 lbs.  At $2.15/lb – that isn’t too bad!

IMG_2830 IMG_2833

IMG_2832 IMG_2831

Now, what to do with those strawberries?  I felt like Forest Gump yesterday listing out the possibilities, you’ve got strawberry smoothies, strawberry muffins, strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie…I’ll spare you my whole list, but we started yesterday with strawberry smoothies:

IMG_2837I love smoothies, kids love smoothies, win-win for all of us.  For these I used strawberries, vanilla greek yogurt, almond milk, and honey.  I may try it later today with some fresh spinach too.  Then I washed the rest to store for the timing being, and had a little strawberry monster pop up and tell me she was going to eat all 5.5 lbs!  I should have taken a picture of the WHITE shirt she wore yesterday – stained with streaks of red by the end of the day!  Good problem to have though!

IMG_2839 IMG_2838

We will be back weekly.  As the summer goes on Adams Farm will also offer pick-your-own blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries, as well as a variety of pre-picked fresh produce, mixes, nuts, and candies.  The combinations and recipes are endless!

What is your favorite way to use fresh fruit?


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Book Review: City of Darkness: City of Mystery Book 1

By Kim Wright

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Finish Time: 6 nights.  Really enjoyed this book.  I feel like I have yet to say that with all my book reviews.  But I found a winner – yay!  I actually tend to shy away from series – I have no idea why – they just never look appealing to me.  And on my quest to not pay for books I read – I don’t want to get hooked and then have to actually pay for a book!  But I have a plan for this one!  I actually found the series when I downloaded Book 2 for free.  AND realized since it was the end of April – my May free download will be Book 3.  Pretty smart, huh?

So it’s a historical fiction/mystery.  Takes place in London in the late 1800’s during the time of Jack the Ripper.  I’m not sure why I find stories of serial killers so interesting (also love a good Law & Order SVU episode), as Devil in the White City is another one of my favorites.  I think when a storyline and characters (albeit fictional ones) are added in – you just feel the intensity and the build-up.

The characters were very well developed and the story-line jumps between the characters, but is easy to follow.  The book leads you in one direction but ends very surprising.  I will have to admit my lack of knowledge of history, so for you scholars out there, you may have seen it coming, I, however did not!  I was on the edge of my seat each night and couldn’t wait to find out what happened.

Spoiler alert:  well maybe, this apparently is not a surprise to history buffs, Jack the Ripper was never caught, so the ending is not tied up in a neat little bow as I do like many of my stories to be.  But it was a very enjoyable read.  I look forward to reading her next 2 – so stay tuned!

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