Book Review: The Reverse Commute (by Sheila Blanchette)

By Sheila Blanchette (click book for description)

Downloaded free on 5/19/13.

Finish Time: 6 nights.  I have to admit I almost quit this book around 17% in, but I am not a quitter, so I stuck with it.  I have to say it very much improved after the rocky start.  The book just started off SO intense.  Strong language, lots of taking the Lord’s name in vain, and very strong liberal political views.  The politics were scattered throughout the book.  While I didn’t agree, it became easy to ignore as the book went on (nothing too deep), but I probably would not recommend for the more conservative minded reader.  And the language toned down as well as it really wasn’t necessary and I’m guessing the author figured that out as well.

The story went back and forth between the tales of two women.  One in her late 40’s, recent empty-nester, stuck going through her self-proclaimed mid-life crisis.  The other, 25, stuck in a dead-end relationship and job she wasn’t happy in, trying to figure out whether to take the safe route or begin taking chances.  The overall message is that life is too short to stick with the status quo and you are in control of your own destiny and happiness.

Again, not a very deep book.  Such potential to bring God into the picture and recognize the signs He puts right in front of you, but the author did not take that route.  I did find myself invested in the story and the characters and wanting to finish to find out what happens.  A little bit of a twist at the end, that answered a question I found myself asking about halfway into the book.  But otherwise a bit predictable with a nice ending.

Decent beach read, would recommend if free, otherwise I’d move along.  Now that I’m off vacation – I think I will dive into another historical fiction!

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