There is no greater therapy than the love of a dog!


I’ll first start out by thanking a good friend for bringing this to my attention.  At the very least, on my journey to find my purpose it has made those around me more aware of my passions  and interests and has opened up more “eyes” around to spot gems like this for me!

I’ve said before that I know God has placed a love for animals on my heart and to speak for those who cannot and I’m always looking for opportunities to put that to use.  Zevon is was a registered therapy dog (although I hate to admit not an employed one as my little people have taken precedence lately), but I am anxious to put her, or now maybe Baxter to work again as the babes get older.  As a therapy dog, she can go into nursing homes or hospitals to interact with the patients.  I won’t get too technical (I really don’t feel like making this a research project!) but interaction with dogs has proven be therapeutic in helping people maintain positive attitudes and providing physical contact that many people need.  There have been so many studies about how dogs have helped children with disabilities or autism, that I can’t help but truly believe that God has placed dogs on this earth for a deeper purpose than to just be simple pets (although that in itself is no small purpose!).0415_NWS_TDB-L-Dogs.LAX162.jpg

There is a program called PUP – Pets Unstressing People/Passengers at LAX.  The basic premise is having therapy dogs at airports to “destress” stressed passengers.  We’ve all seen them (been them)!  I know it won’t appeal to everyone – but just imagine coming home from a long trip, your flight being delayed, anxiety is at an all time high.  Everyone around you can sympathize, but no one really can do anything about it.  Or imagine on said delay you have a young child, you’re quickly running out of options to entertain them.  The situations are endless, but someone had the genius idea (seriously I wish I had thought of it) to introduce a dog into that situation.  I don’t want to offend anyone but dogs, like babies, have an innate ability to bring a smile to some of the most hardened faces (and hearts).  Watch this video:

You know I’m a crazy dog person when that video brings me to tears (or really for me it’s solidifying my purpose to bring the amazingness of dogs to people everywhere!)

Just another idea on my journey but I may have some more research ahead of me to find out how we can get something like this to ATL!

A few more articles if you are interested:

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