New Beginnings

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”
Closing Time

I’ve been in a rut.  No better way to put it.  My blog has been neglected, as well as some other parts of my life.  I started a post titled “Mommy Rant” last week, but it was overall too negative, that I have decided it needs some polishing before posting!  And everything else that I had thought about posting, just didn’t feel right.  So I took a break.  Even from reading too, so you won’t see any book reviews for a little while either (don’t worry though – I started a new one last night!)  It may be that I am overwhelmed, with life and such, but also with all the change that is going on.  I know change is inevitable and makes us stronger and all of that.  But change is also unknown, scary, uncomfortable, and as I said overwhelming, especially when it seems to come all at once.  It is a time for new beginnings though and that is exciting, a clean slate, and full of opportunity.  I was thinking about all the new beginnings yesterday at our NEW church (see more below) and decided that was a perfect post for today.

Here are my new beginnings and a few thoughts on each:

  1. Spring!  I love to take one of the rare quiet seconds I have to look around at all that God brings us with spring.  New growth; trees, flowers, gardens, baby animals, longer days.  It is a very refreshing time of year.  More opportunity to be outside enjoying God’s creations (if you can bear the pollen that is – which with the help of some drugs, I try to!)  And as I thought about posting last week for Easter, a time to declare “HE IS RISEN” and be thankful for all that Jesus gave for us.
  2. New Church.  I could do a whole post or two about this topic.  It’s been heavy on my heart as well as many others.  Our previous church home of 3.5 years, First Presbyterian Church of Peachtree City is no longer our church home.  Without going into too many details, 1st Pres is a member of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA), recently the denomination has changed their doctrines on their authority to scripture and ordination standards, and Pastor David and the session made the difficult decision to seek “gracious separation” from PCUSA as they did not agree with these changes.  After a long, difficult, emotional process, Pastor David announced his retirement and those that did not wish to remain part of PCUSA were (for lack of a better term) kicked out of 1st Pres.  One of the big issues in this process was the building.  Sounds silly typing it out sometimes, but the building was symbolic for many church members who helped found the church, build it up, raise their children there, and so many other things.  I know I hold a little attachment as it being where both my kids were baptized.  But what ultimately it comes down to, as it always does, is the people.
    Easter Sunday marked the first Sunday as the New Church of Peachtree City aka ECO Presbyterian Church of Peachtree City (they are working on a new name).  At a bright and early 9am service, 426 people showed up (along with the Holy Spirit) and you could just feel the energy in the room.  After a long process, this was the new beginning so many were craving.  Again lots of unknowns at this point, but lots of enthusiasm and a renewed faith that this is exactly what was supposed to happen.  It may be a bit bumpy to get started, but it’s a clean slate (the song I posted about last week keeps coming back to mind…He washed it white as snow) and as always God will prevail!
  3. New House for Grandma & Granddad.  It was their home for 12 years.  Not where I was raised, but where my kids have always gone to visit their grandparents.  Where they have spent many of their first holidays and achieved many milestones.  My folks have decided with all the kids gone, it was time to downsize.  They have been cleaning house, hosted a big moving sale this past weekend, and are getting ready for their new beginning (luckily it’s just down the road!)  Again, it’s not the house, it’s the people, but it is change.   It will be an opportunity for them to start fresh and build a home exactly how they want it and maybe even free up resources to achieve some other things.
  4. Big Life Changes for others.  It just seems like many close to me are making career changes, big moves (as mentioned above), or maybe even expecting a new family member.   Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our fair share of change the last few years, but lately (not including Baxter), we have settled into a routine and are content and stationary for the first time in awhile.  With kids things are always changing and I’m not craving big change, I’m just trying to have a better attitude about watching others go through change while being content with what we have (which is more than I could have ever dreamed us – we truly are blessed!)
  5. And lastly, our latest new beginning over here – our Little Man (LM) took his first steps!  Since I have been on the receiving end of those steps – I don’t have a video – but here is a picture of him pushing his big sister (a new favorite activity over here!)  Yes – he is a little late to the game, but as I’ve learned over the last 16 months more than ever, every child is so unique and there is no use in comparing – doing things earlier is not always the best and nothing should be a competition.   He is so proud of himself and we are happy for him!IMG_2626

As we enter into all these new beginnings, I am trying to keep an open heart and mind and keep meditating over my life verse:

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

God is in control, He has a plan for me (and everything around me), and even if it does not go as hoped or planned (by us), He will be there to get me through.  Thanks for stopping by and I pray that you too can be encouraged by your new beginnings this spring!


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3 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. Natalie

    You are a special girl Kaitlin. May our Lord bless you and your family always.

  2. Mom

    A beautiful message, Kaitlin!


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