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Meet the dog formally known as Bret Michaels


Since starting this blog I’ve been trying to pay more attention to signs around me to figure out just where/what God wants me to be doing.  When I’ve always thought about my calling – I know in my heart of hearts that it has something to do with animals – dogs.  My heart just bleeds for God’s furry creatures and I feel that I am called to speak for those who cannot.  But lately I’ve been feeling bad.  As I’ve been documenting life (via this blog), none of my posts to date have been about dogs or were indicating that was part of my plan.  But today (Wednesday) – God could not have been clearer and put a furry little boy directly in my path.  Well not exactly directly.  Here’s the story.

I’m driving to Jonesboro, GA.  About a 45 minute drive after dropping LL off at school and LM with Grandma.  I’m following GPS and it starts taking me on back roads.  Me, thinking I am smarter than Google maps decides to ignore one turn.  I get to the very next stop sign and what do I see tied to said stop sign.  A skinny, scared, little pup.  Obviously starved and scared and tied so tightly that he cannot sit down, this was a sign I could not ignore.  I had no business being at that particular intersection in a part of town I do not know.  So I look around and a Clayton County cop had stopped as well, and soon enough 3 of them had stopped.  I rolled down my window to ask what was going on (although it was pretty clear that someone had abandoned a dog and tied them to a stop sign.)  We chatted for a few minutes and he had said that he would take him to animal control, but they were overcrowded (as always) and they only hold dogs 3 days there.  Stomach dropping, heart breaking.  OK – I have a doctor appointment – give me 2 hours and I will come get him.  WHAT??

I text my loving, supportive, wonderful husband who is out of town in all day meetings.  He responds with a simple “Get him”.  So my appointment last for 3 hours.  There is no way that cop thinks I’m coming back.  I decide to call and if he is still in possession of the dog I will get him.  I call, he is shocked to hear from me, said he was almost ready to go to animal control.  So I stop at the police station on my way home and load up the poor pup in my car who is for the last and next few hours known as Bret Michaels.  Why?  Apparently Mr. Michael’s has a line of dog collars one of which this little guy was sporting.  Who knew!

Being a bit more cautious now that I have 2 human kids in my possession – our next stop is the vet.  Animal Medical Clinic.  Been going there for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else.  I drop off the pup and a vet will call me with the prognosis.  LL was with me at this point and proceeded to tell anyone who would listen that we bought her a puppy.  Oh my.

A few hours pass, I hear from the vet.  Classic stray – has worms and fleas.  They treat him and tell me I can come get him.  Am I really doing this?  We stop at Walmart – load up a few toys LL picks out and a bag of puppy food.  Then we go back to the vet.  I have LM in my arms, LL holding my hand.  Someone please have pity on me – take this dog!  I cannot be meant to have 2 young kids and 3 dogs in my house!  Not so much – I load up with his new tags, heartworm pills, thanks and good luck.  We’ll help you to the car.

So I take the pup home.  Stick him in the backyard for now.  Get the kids fed, other dogs fed.  Let the madness begin.

Devon and Zevon start the hazing.  They were actually very welcoming, just making sure he knows he is bottom of the food chain at our house.  Good thing about this pup is that he is young and a HE.  We always said if we ever (not now) had a 3rd dog, it would have to be a young male.

Fast forward 2 days.  We are calling him Baxter.  He almost seems too good to be true.  He goes outside with our girls, does his business.  Stays by my or LL’s side when in the house.  Girls are tolerating him and actually seem to be enjoying having a puppy around.  LM gets to practices his words by pointing and saying “dog” or “puppy” or “Ba Ba”.  And biggest factor of all – he is SO incredibly sweet with kids.  Has a few normal puppy “issues”, but really I think this would be an ideal pet for a family LIKE ours.

Know anyone looking for a dog?

As much as he would be the ideal dog for our family, we’ve always talked about fostering, so I would love for him to be our first.   He is now flea and worm free.  Up to date on all his vaccines, we can help with getting him neutered, and we can hang on to him for a little longer.

We’ll take the weekend to work on a flyer and continue “testing” him.  But feel free to pass his story around and keep your ears open.

I’m exhausted.  2 (young) kids and 3 dogs is quite tiring!  More to come and hopefully a happy ending for Baxter.  I know there are so many dogs out there and I wish I could help them all.  But I am quite sure this little guy was placed in my path for a reason and I know I have made his life much better. 

Stay tuned! (See updates below – spoiler alert – he stuck around and became part of the family!!)

See how skinny he is was:


(LL may be getting a little became very much attached!  Showing so much responsibility for a 3-year old!)  UPDATE – LM is just as crazy about him too!)

IMG_2335 IMG_2326

See his updates:

Baxter is here to stay
1 month with Baxter


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